Drip, drip, blood drops

Drip, drip, blood drops! I thought vampires belonged to the imagination. I thought the movies just wanted us to be afraid. I thought Dracula was a former idiot. I thought as much, until I met Louis Tomlinson. He wasn't the person he pretended to be and he wasn't human


8. His home

I didn't believe in Louis, but when we got down to the kitchen all looked straight at me. I saw in their eyes that they were excited. Eventually hugged everyone me and congratulated me. 
"But what?" I got out of me. Louis laughed and hugged me from behind. 
"I told you that you're one of us now." 
I wasn't sure. I swallowed and tried to collect myself. 
"So you mean that I'm one of those that you said?" 
Perrie laughed direct and nodded. 
"You're a vampire! You will need blood and you will always be a part of us." 
"Huh?" I looked like a question mark. "But how? May I go home and be back to normal?" 
Louis shook his head quickly. 
"I must have you under surveillance. In a few days you will feel a craving in the body. You will realize that you need something and if I'm not there to help you, it can be carnage in the school." 
I spun around. 
"But my mom, then?"
Louis took my hands and looked straight into my eyes. 
"Everything about vampires isn't true off what you have read. But one thing is true and that's that we can control the people. I can get your mom to let you go and let me take care of you." 
I didn't like the idea. 
"But in school?" 
He laughed a little bit. 
"No problem." he whispered. "No one will stand up against you and I'll protect you." 
I frowned and heard Nialls voice behind me. 
"Emelie, you have a lot to learn and it will be fine." 
I swallowed and looked into Louis's eyes. 
He nodded. 
"The wine we drank was blood. I buy blood on the black market, for us not to be like murderers."


My mom met us in the hall and she looked happy. I was used to being questioned, but instead she just smiled and Louis explained that I would go with him. 
"Oh! That I think is a good ides." she said, and just stared at her. 
"Are you ill or sick?" 
Mom laughed and shook her head. 
"No I'm not sick and it's just fine if you leave home. Louis is such a fine gentleman and you can learn a lot from him."


I was like a question mark, but Louis was quick. He took out bags and packed all my clothes. I chose my laptop and held it tightly in my arms. 
"So I'll stay with you forever?" 
Louis laughed a little bit and looked at me. 
"Is there a problem?" 
What should I answer? I didn't even know if he told me the truth or if the thing with vampires was just an excuse. 
"I just mean that I'm sixteen years old and in my age no one usually leave home." 
Louis laughed and gave me a quick hug. 
"Think of it as an opportunity. You will get it good in my home and I promise to do everything for you."
I saw Louis pick up my bags and he gave me a quick glance. 
"Let's go!" 
I followed and saw mom in the hallway. She smiled and she didn't mind that Louis took me home with him. 
"Are you sure?" I asked her. She just smiled and hugged me. 
"Call when you want, Darling." 
I balked. She didn't call a single person darling and least of all me. 
Louis made ​​sure I went with him out. He put the bags in the car and then he opened the door for me. 
"Get in!" 
I looked one last time at my old home. Mom stood in the doorway and waved. I wished she had been her old self and that she had said no.


Louis lived in an ordinary house. Outside it looked like a normal home, but as soon as we came into his door, I saw old furniture. I understood that he had collected antiquities and I was impressed. 
"I've lived a long time." he said and made ​​sure my bags came into the bedroom. I noted that he had only one bedroom. Louis laughed and gave me a hug. 
"In my world, we are as good as married." 
I swallowed and didn't dare to contradict him. I walked around and peered into the rooms. I came down into the basement and found a lot of wine bottles. Louis followed me and he understood that I had many questions. 
"It's blood containing a liquid that doesn't make it solidify." 
I looked at him and was unsure again. 
"So that what we are, is really true?" 
He gave me a quick kiss. 
"I'm not lying to you."
I frowned. 
"So what do vampires do to pass the time?" 
He laughed again and this time he took his arms around my waist. He stood and looked straight into my eyes. 
"Frankly, we like everyone else, but the difference's that you wont die." 
"Are there others like us?" 
He shook his head. 
"Those you met this weekend are the only ones that remain. We are thinking about to multiply, but at the same time we want to have control over each other." 
I listened to him and tried to think clearly. 
"Why me?" 
He smiled and kissed me. I felt his lips touch mine and I answered the kiss. Louis moaned lightly and finished it. 
"Because I want you with me forever. We can also become crazy in love."

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