Amy is just a normal girl doing her exams in school and going about her daily life until two new boys move to her class ....... What will she do ? Who will she choose?.........


4. tour

So I thought it would be best to show Luke and Niall around the school first before I introduced them to my friends incase they suspect something .

I first asked the boys what year they were in and they said 3rd just like me boy this will be fun !! So I got the timetable for them and showed them all the classrooms the lunch room library lab computer room toilets and offices incase they need anything.

I was getting to like them both we started talking and finding more bout one another which was lovely because I finally felt closer to the opposite sex :O was this really happening to me ?!

The bell rang and I brought Luke and Niall to our assembly room where we get our roll call taken, I could hear everyone whispering when we walked in most people had never seen Niall and Luke before and were nervous because they looked dangerous but they were really nice from what I know so far.

So it's a Monday our first class is History , pretty boring but the class is funny sometimes the teacher is strict so always have your work done and learn your stuff or she'll find ya I joked !

The boys were put up at the front of the room where anyone new goes so the teacher gets an idea of what they are like.

That class went by and it was now time for geography which I really enjoy the teacher is lovely and just so nice ,he is really funny aswell and does have a good laugh with us again they sat up the front and were very quiet all through the class.

It was then time for Irish and they went to a different class because they weren't in higher level :) why weren't the girls talking to me are they mad that I am with Luke and Niall because I am only showing them around for gods sake.......

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