Amy is just a normal girl doing her exams in school and going about her daily life until two new boys move to her class ....... What will she do ? Who will she choose?.........


3. the new boys

As they seen us coming their heads jolted up and they looked staight into our eyes I was a little scared because they looked bad and rumour has it that they were suspended from their last school ?

One of them asked us did we know where the principal was but we answered very suddenly with a no because we didn't want to get involved in anything, so he gave me a dirty look ?

The other one who stayed looking at the ground this whole time quickly joined our conversation and said hi :) my names luke and this is my friend Niall we just moved here last weekend , we don't know anybody here would you like to show us around ?

I jumped at the chance and said yes of course I would love to show you guys around :) always helping out !! Plus what could go WRONG ?........

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