Amy is just a normal girl doing her exams in school and going about her daily life until two new boys move to her class ....... What will she do ? Who will she choose?.........


7. Luke ?

*2 weeks later*

I walked into school and Luke was standing at my locker ... I had started getting really close to luke in more than one way I think I am starting to fancy him but I am pushing it to one side because I don't want that . Well not yet anyway with all the studying for school and all he would just be a distraction!

Morning sweetie he called down the corridor when he caught my eye :) I could feel a smile growing on my face and my eyes were glistening ! God dammit why does he have to be so good looking ......

Luke pov :

She is just so beautiful and I think she is starting to like me too . I have got pretty close with her the past few days and want to bring her on a date but I am too scared to ask her what if she says no ..... ?

Emmm hi amy :)

Morning Luke :) she answered back

Ahh I was wondering if you would like to come to the cinema with me this Friday night ?

Oh my god luke I am just so shocked i will have to ask my mam and dad first but I would love too .

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