Amy is just a normal girl doing her exams in school and going about her daily life until two new boys move to her class ....... What will she do ? Who will she choose?.........


6. fight :(

Do you honestly think we are going to talk to you after ignoring us all day we are not there to pick up and drop off!! Seun screamed In my face

I was not ignoring you guys I was just showing Luke and Niall around because they are new an have no friends I am still talking to you guys I didn't think you would get mad at me for being nice to someone else !! I was really mad at them

Don't come near us again go to your new friends that you have made you obviously don't want to be with us anymore so either do we now goodbye !! Did Chantal actually just say that oh my god I am so upset !!

I ran straight to the bathroom and cried to myself for the rest if the day !! I finally found the courage to go to c.s.p.e but on my way I went to the principal that I wasn't in my last four classes and told him what the girls said to me!

Did I just loose six of my best friends ? At least I still had Niamh to talk to she was so understanding and doesn't jump straight to a conclusion before I even tell her what is wrong that is why we are best friends because she always listens.

When the bell rang I ran straight to the bus I just couldn't wait to get home and I wasn't even in the mood to talk to Luke or Niall even after getting really close to them even just after today ! That was the only good thing that actually happened today

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