Amy is just a normal girl doing her exams in school and going about her daily life until two new boys move to her class ....... What will she do ? Who will she choose?.........


8. cinema , is this a date ? :O




L-hey amy you look really good :)

A-hi Luke thank you so much you too :)

L-oh stop ,so what Movie do you want to see

A-let's say Spider-Man 3 ? Yeah !

L-erm oh my god :O

A-is something wrong luke do you not like the movie I picked?

L-oh no I love it it's just girls usually say to me no you pick everything

A-oh well I'm different hahha

L-yes but a good different at least your not boring

A-ok haha don't get soppy on me now ha let's go get our tickets and FOOD

L- wow you are different haha

A-shut up or well go see the muppets

L-oh ok then I'll be quiet

After we got our tickets and treats we went and found our seats and sat down at watched the movie

L-wow that was so good you have a good taste in movies amy

A-suppose I do :) but it was great !!

L-yeah so exciting anyway do you wanna go get some food or something ?

A-yeah sure I'll just have to ring home to tell them to come a bit later than planned.


ok I have finally built up the courage to ask her on a date but don't think it's just about time yet to ask her out ? I would be crushed if she said and plus it seems like she fancys Niall

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