Fading Shades

"I have to stop changing for people. I walk down the isle, and scan the shelf for the unknown polish color. My eyes brush past red. All the memories start flowing back. I can almost see Faith and my mother, but they vanish when my eyes work their way over to green, blue,and pink, until I finally find what I need. Purple.


3. Chapter 3

Gracie's POV

The light flickered in through the window. I look at the clock and it's only 3 in the morning. "Good luck going to sleep now Gracie." I say to myself. I hop into my clothes then Leave a note on my door saying that I'm on a run.

My dad will probably kill me if he wakes up sees I'm gone. I don't care enough to hid my arm bruises because it's 3 and I don't think anyone's up, let alone outside.

The fresh air felt so good in my skin. It's usually covered up. I just let myself go and ran. I ran as fast as I could go.

"Gracie!" A voice rang. I turned around to face the voice. It was Jackson. My face turned pale.

"Where did you get those bruises?" He questioned. For a second I thought a saw concern on his eyes, but it quickly left. I was speechless. "Do you have another bully?" He asked. "Did I do that?"

"Jackson, since when do you care." I said simply. "Since I found you running covered in bruises and scars."

"GRACIE?" I hear a voice yell. I recognize it as my dad's. My eyes widen, he woke up and found out I was gone.

I start sprinting back to my house.

"Gracie!?" I hear Jackson yell, but I don't even think about about turning back.

I reach my room, take the note off my door and slip into bed. My dad knocked harshly on the door. I mess up my hair and hesitantly answer.

"You can't just leave!" He shouts. "What do you mean?" I say innocently. "On a run?" He shouts.

"Oh sorry I left that on my door from last night when you were at work."

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. "Next time take it down." He said harshly. "Now get ready for school."

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