Fading Shades

"I have to stop changing for people. I walk down the isle, and scan the shelf for the unknown polish color. My eyes brush past red. All the memories start flowing back. I can almost see Faith and my mother, but they vanish when my eyes work their way over to green, blue,and pink, until I finally find what I need. Purple.


2. Chapter 2

********************Skip Bus Ride************************

I scan the crowd until my eyes reach Faith, Shyanne, and Leo. My three best friends.

Faith was my trustworthy twin, yes identical. She smiles at me, once she notices me, and then we all go to are usual spot by the tree.

Leo is my guy best friend. I could never think of him as more than a friend, I guess you could say he isn't my type.

Shyanne is my girl best friend. She is supper sweet, but if you are on her bad side it isn't pretty

"Gracie!" She yells. I can tell she wants to tell me something, but Faith gives her a glare and she manages to hold it in.

"Hey Grace." Leo says exited.

"Ok what's going on?" I question getting annoyed with all the secrecy. "AARON AND KAYLA BROKE UP!" Shyanne Burt's out.

"Shyanne!?" Faith barks. "You weren't supposed to tell her!" "I'm sorry, I couldn't take it anymore! You know about her little crush." Shyanne defends herself, and I giggle.

"Ugh. Whatever." Faith mumbles. " it's ok she would've found out anyways."Leo adds."

"Why do you care Faith?" I say. "He is bad news. I can sense it." Faith spits. I giggle, why is she like this. Normally she would be happy.

"Leo is right everyone is talking about it, she might as well hear from us." Shyanne says then continues eating her lunch. We all change the subject after that, and have meaningless talk through the rest of lunch.

***skip school day***

I finally reach the nail polish section. My eyes reach blue and I look until I finally find the exact shade Kayla wore. Perfect, I mumble under my breath. I pay for the groceries, and walk home.

As soon as I get home all my siblings (Faith and Liam my older brother) my mom and my two other best friends jump out from behind the couch.

"SURPRISE!" They all yell with happiness written all over there faces. I smile showing my teeth. I almost forgot today is my birthday!

"Gracie, can we open gifts now?" Leo asks like a little kid waiting for desert. "Sure." I reply.

They all put there gifts on the table. "Me and Faith got you the same gift we split the price." My mom says."

"Open ours first!" Faith yells. I cafe fully unwrapped my mothers and Faith's gift so the paper stayed nice.

It was my favorite 4 bottles of red nail polish and expensive eyeliner.

"Oh my gosh!" I say. "Thank you so much!"

After that I go through all the gift from everyone and we eat cake. Most everyone else got me some form of jewelry. I thanked everyone once the party was over than went upstairs to finish my homework and go to bed.

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