what boy is right for you


8. Ryder (The Quiet One)

How you met:
'What a lousy day', you thought. You got your math test back with a D (your mom would kill you), your boyfriend broke up with you because he liked another girl, and your bestfriend spilled her coffee all over you at lunch when you went to starbucks. 'At least itsalmost the end of the day.' You thought as you got your books from your locker. When you began walking down the hall way to your last class, you realized the hallways were almost completely empty. You then realized you must be running late so you picked up speed, nearly running down the hall. You then heard a noise coming from the gymnasium. It sounded like yelling and cursing. Curious you looked through the door to find, not a P.E class in session, but four boys pussing around and cornering one boy. You watched in horror as they pushed the boy against the wall hard and continued yelliing names at him. Why weren't any teachers or students responding to this? As shy and scared as you were, you realised what you had to do. "What are you doing?!" You yelled. The group of bullies turned there heads in alarm to look at you as the victim boy slid down the wall. "None of your business, get lost!" One of them yelled back. "No! Leave him alone!" You yelled, setting down your books and bravely marched over to them. 'Whatever, we're done her anyways." A bully said as the boys ditched. You ran over to the boy that had gotten beat up who was sitting with his head on his knees. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?" you asked, kneeling in front of him. "yes." He said without lifting his head, "I probably look like a loser right now though." "No!" You replied, "Those jerks are the ones that are losers!" The boy lifted his head to look at you with his dark glossy eyes, your stomach got butterflies, "Thank you, _____" "You know my name?" you asked shocked. "I sit at the back of the class, but I'm in most of your classes." Suddenly you remembered him, "Ryder." You breathlessly asked. He gave you a small smile. "Come on" he said,"We should get to class."

Your first date:
After you helped out Ryder, he began to do sweet guestures to repay you like put flowers in your locker and leave notes in your mailbox. You had also been sitting together in class and spending lots of time together. You found out that you both loved art and that you both had broken families, which brought you closer. One day he left you a note in your locker 'lets have a movie night tonight, I'll come get you at 9' you smiled and could barely focus on your classes. You had just finished getting ready when there was a knock on your door. You opened it to find Ryder standing at your door with his hood up and hands in his pockets of his hoodie, sopping wet. "You got an umbrella?" He gave you his lop-sided grin, chuckling. "No! The other day my mom and I donated it to a shelter!" "Well, I hope you can run fast then! Sorry, you have to get messed up, you look gorgeous." You laughed and blushed as he grabbed your hand and began to run to his house. You both laughed like crazy as you ran down the empy sidewalks in the pouring rain. When you got to his house he wrapped you up in a towel and gave you a shirt and pair of sweats of his. You got changed and dried off to come out and find him peeling off his soaked shirt. "You still up for a movie?" He asked. You picked a movie out and cuddled up on the couch under a blanket Ryder dug up. "You look so adorable right now." He whispered into your ear. You blushed. He chuckled. "Ryder, I love you." You blurted out. He just stared at you in shock for a minute, "I've always loved you." He replied. Gently pulled your face to his and kissed you.
~The rest is up to you, love! Hope you liked!~

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