what boy is right for you


10. Nathen (The Musician)

How you first met:
You walk carefully down the sidewalk with your gig bag on your back carrying your broken acoustic guitar. It had been on your back the other day in school when a group of your bullies shoved you into the lockers. Jerks. You felt proud when you had your guitar. Stronger, more confident, but unfortunately, it didn't actually make you stronger or any braver. Anyways, you were taking it to a guitar shop you looked up that stated that they could fix your precious acoustic. You stopped infront of a small shop and looked up at the hanging sign, 'High Strung'. You chuckled to yourself and rolled your eyes. As soon as you walked in musty air and music you never heard hit you like a brick wall. You looked around to see guitars hangingon the walls and cds lining shelves. You then looked to see a boy sitting on a stool behine a desk picking on a guitar with head phones on. He was gorgeous adn for a moment you considered turning and leaving but instead walked over to the desk. "Hello." You said. "Hello?!" You said again, a little louder. The boy jumped and looked up at you with sparkling green eyes. You jumped as well. "Sorry, I didn't hear you." The boy apologized, removing the headphones and setting the guitar down on a stand. "No worries, I'm in no rush." You shrugged. He gave you a smile, studying your face for a minute as you took off your gig bag and set it on the desk. "So what can I do for you?" He asked unzipping it to reveal the guitar. The neck was crooked and two strings broken. "What happened?!" He asked alarmed. "Some bullies thought it would be funny to see how good they could smash me into a wall. I'm okay but my guitar isn't." He looked at you with sympathy. "Well, I'm Nathen, first off, and I'll see what I can do." You shook his hand and smiled, "I'm _____ and I trust you." He grinned and carried your baby to a back room labled 'carpentry'. You looked at CDs for awhile until you heard Nathen yell from the back room, "Feel free to play any guitar you like!" You smiled and walked over to the stand where he set down his guitar. You sat on his stool, picked it up, and began to play. At first you just strummed chords quietly, not wanted nathen to hear you but once you got into it you started playing like the store was your stage. "You're incredible. Your voice is beautiful." You then heard Nathen say. You stopped playing and closed your mouth, unaware you were even singing. "That's really embarassing. I love your guitar though. Did you finish?" You changed the subject. "Unfortunately, I have a lot of work to do and I'm not sure how long it'll be so you might have to check in every week." He shrugged. "I'm actually more than okay with that." You replied.

First date:
You had been checking in every week on your guitar. You thought you could just ask for Nathen's number to call him and check, but you loved the excuse to see him. You had been getting very close to him until you walked into 'High Strung' to find him flirting with another gorgeous girl over some vintage records. You then stopped checking in, figuring that you'd get your guitar back some other way. You were sitting at homelistening to music when your home phone rang. after two rings no one got it so you reluctantly picked it up. "Hey." You greeted dullely. "Hey, I've been missing your company."Nathen's raspy voice and faded New York accent came through. "Oh, not enough other girls there for you?" "Girls hit on me all the time _____. I sell guitars and records!But none of them come back, not like you." You didn't reply. "Look, your guitar is fixed, I'll be over in ten minutes, but you have to come out and get it." You smiled, "Okay fine." You tried to still sound mad. "I know you're smiling, I'll see you soon." You hung up and quickly tidied yourself up. You then heard a car pull up outside. You walked out to find Nathen sitting in a beat up camaro. You looked through the window. Nathen guestured for you to get in. You did. "Okay, where is it?" "Please come with me, I want to take you somewhere." He begged with his green eyes. "Okay." You smiled as he skidded down the road, making you giggle like crazy. You drove down some old roads until you were out of town. "Where are we?"The moon was full and bright as it lit up the open field that Nathen parked in. You got out and looked across the emptiness, living in a city it was hard to fing peace, but this was beautiful. You then felt arms around your waist pulling you close. "This is beautiful, Nathen." You said as he held you from behind. "I have one more surprise for you." He picked you up and set you on the hood of his car, then pulling out your beautiful acoustic, fixed and restored. You gasped. He then sat down beside you, tuned it, and played the first chords of 'You're Beautiful' by James Blunt. Near the end tears were running down your face. The last chords echoed as he reached over to you and pulled you in for the most perfect kiss you had ever experienced. "I love you, ____" He wispered. "I love you too." You replied. "How much do I owe you?" "One more kiss will do."
~The rest is up to you! This was my favorite one! hope youliked!~

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