what boy is right for you


13. Nash Grier

Nash Grier is sweet, caring, friendly, calm, knows how to be wild and an all around great friend. He loves you and his crazy personality makes you love him too. 
How you met: After standing in line, your legs cramp and so you start to stretch them out. As you stretch your thigh muscles, all the sudden you find yourself on the floor, with an aching nose. Somebody reaches your waist and easily pulls you up off the floor. "Are you okay?" You stare into a pair of light blue eyes and your heart rate picks up. "I'm fine, thank you." You say calmly, yet on the inside you're fan-girling. "Well my name is Nash." He says and gently reaches for your hand. He shakes it softly and continues to look into your eyes. "What's your name?" You hold onto his hand, and the tingles radiating off your touching skin makes your heart rate pick up even more. "My name is ____." You say, and he nods. "Well, want me to sign anything?" He asks sweetly, and you hold out your notebook. He smiles and signs it. Underneath he writes something else. When you get it back, his phone number is writing in boyish handwriting. "Oh, thanks. I'll text you." You say. He winks and and smiles at you. "I'm looking forward to it."

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