what boy is right for you


3. Linus Miller

Favorite Color; Blue

Color Of Eyes; Blue


Hair; Light Brown  Personality; 
He's cute and knows exactly how to make you laugh when you're down. He can tell you're upset just by the looks on your face. He'd do anything to see you smile. He loves laughing, and he loves making others laugh too. He's very laid back, and fun loving. He's also really into photography. 

How You Two Met; 

What you were wearing: 
  You were at the mall with your friends and you couldn't help but noticed that the really attractive guy sitting at the table next to you with a few of his friends w as starring at you. "y/n he's totally checking you out." your friend Hayley whispers (if your names hayley change it) You smile, and watch as he gets up and strides towards your table. "Are you google? ..Because you're everything i'm searching for."  He says with a wink. You blush uncontrollably. He smiles and hands you a folded napkin and walks off, You unfold it aand it's his number! . 

How you Two Got Together; 
You guys haven't stopped talking and hanging out since that day at the mall and it's been about 3 weeks since then. Today you're supposed to me meeting him at the park. You get ready and wear ---> 
When you get there you spot him sitting on the swings. "LINUSSS-MAXIMUSS!!" you call. He turns around with a huge grin plastered on his face. "BOO!" he calls. (yeah you guys have pretty cute nicknames for eachother (; ) You smile and walk over to him. You guys sit and chat for about an hour before he says--- "Hey y/n , can i ask you something.?" You smile reassuringly. "Oh course, anything."Do you, want to be my girlfriend?" You smile. You've been waiting forever for him to finally ask you. "Yes(:" and you both start leaning in, and as soon as his soft lips pressed against yours, you knew he was the one.   
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