what boy is right for you


11. Gavin (the nerdy one)

How you met:
"Julia and Alexander." Your teacher announced. You crossed your fingers that you would be with your crush, Aaron. "______ and Gavin." Your teacher boomed. Your stomach got butterflies as Gavin looked over at you and smiled. He was cute but he was such a nerd. Being one of the most popular and most loved people in your school, you hoped this didn't affect anything. You got up out of your seat and moved to the empty one beside him so you could get to work. "Hey." You wispered to him as the teacher continued saying names. Gavin blushed "hi." "What should our topic be?" You left no room for a normal conversation, you didn't do it to be mean, but you didn't want to get too in touch with him." "I was thinking famous tragic deaths." He replied, "You know how the teacher loves Elvis." Wow, he was really smart. "That's an awesome idea!" You excitedly said back, smiling. You listened to the teacher in somewhat awkward silence until the end of class. "So would you like to come over sometime this week to get it done quicker?" He asked as you gathered your things. Your stomach flipped, 'I-um-I can't, I'm really sorry,I get loads of homework." "But you're one of the smartest kids in class." He replied confused. "I'm sorry, I just can't." You quickly rushed out of class, feeling awful.  You spent that night crying and feeling terrible. The next day in English class you sat down next to Gavin. "Gavin, I'm so sorry, I don't know why-" "I know I'm a nerd. No worries." I smiled quickly at you and looked back down at his paper where he was scribbling down names and jot notes. "No! I'm just self absorbed and didn't mean it at all." "You're not self absorbed." He continued to scribble. "Don't be so nice, You don't know how much I beat myself up over it last night." He smiled and looked up at you through his glasses with his clear, grey eyes. "No one will have to know we hang out if you come on the weekend." He offered. "No, lets walk home together on Thursday and study." He smiled. "GAVIN, _____!" Your teacher interrupted you. "Please keep your eyes on the board. You and Gavin tried to muffle laughs.

First date:
You and Gavin left school together after school on Thursday. Some people from your group snickered and gave you funny looks, but you didn't care. They didn't know Gavin, and what do stupid stereotypes have to do with anything? You arrived at his house, A beautiful house that was clean and gigantic. "This is where you live?!" You gasped. "Yep, my dad's a scientist. Figures." He guestured to his glasses and rolled his eyes. You giggled as he lead you inside. "You can drop you bag anywhere and just bring your binders up to my room, unless that makes you uncomfortable." He added the last part quickly. You giggled, "Of course im comfortable with that!" He shrugged and smiled as he lead you up winding stairs. You walked into a room that didn't look anything like the rest of the spotless, chic house. It was messy and dark with posters lining the walls. "Sorry about the mess, but hey, what teenager has a clean room?" "Exactly." You giggled and spread your books out on his made up bed. you sat down and he sat across from you. "So who I have wirtten down so far are Elvis Presley, John Lennon, and Kurt Cobain. Any ideas?" "Don't forget Cory Montieth. You added. "I was so crushed when he died." Your face fell slightly. "Hey, he had a great life and will never be forgotten." He rested a comforting hand on your knee. You smiled at Gavin, he was so sweet. You continued to work for the next hour until you were nearly done. "So-" You were cut off by his dreamy stare that was pointed to you. "What?" "I just can't belive you're here right now." He said. "What do you mean?" You asked. "I've always liked you, from when I first saw you. You were always so kind and caring of everyone." You blushed and shyly looked down. "No..I just-" "No, really, you're amazing." He insisted. You raised your gazed to meet his again. He leaned over so that your faces were only centimetres apart. "No, YOU"RE amazing." You giggled. "Hey, just accept my compliment." He jokingly smiled. You giggled again and he pulled you into a soft, sweet kiss. English always was your favorite subject.
~The rest is up to you, sweetie! Hope you liked~

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