what boy is right for you


5. Desean Russel

Desean Russel was the ghetto kid in your class, always shouting out "MASHED POTATOES AND PEPPA!" You thought it was cute and funny.

His golden teeth always shined like precious stones and you thought they were sexy.

You were playing truth or dare at your friends party that weekend.

"Truth or dare, y/n?" your best friend Megan said.

"Gotta go with dare" you grinned.

Your other friend Amber whispered something in Megan's ear.
"Great, Amber! I dare you to ask out Desean! On monday!" Megan blurted.
Your face paled.

That monday, since a dare is a dare, you asked out Desean. You realized he wasn't that bad on your first date at Wendys, he wasnt paying for no romantic stuff that was expensive.

After that date, you all decided to started dating.

From then on you all loved eachother and you aswell yelled "MASHED POTATOES AND PEPPA" In class, breaking out with laughter every so often.

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