what boy is right for you


6. Curtis Bently


he loves yo blouse (and yo booty)

You all met in biology.
It was a Friday; you were feeling tired as crap. Almost all the seats were filled, and the only one was a seat next to Curtis Bently.

The ghetto.

You slowly sat down and he looked at you.  It wasn't that long until he started yelling "BLOUSE BLOUSE"

You started giggling. After class you told him he was funny. Yall decided to go to McDonalds cause it was cheap and tasted beast. You all ditched the rest of school and drove there. 

At Mcdonalds he let you have the last Chicken Nugget. Aww, pure sweetness. When you grabbed it he snatched it out of your hands saying "BLOUSE!" He then gave you it while you choked of laughhter.

The next day you all decided to call it a date. Yall started going out.


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