what boy is right for you


12. Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is funny, cute, shy, crazy and knows how to make you feel like the most important girl in the world. He is your best friend, gives the best advice, and will do anything to make you happy.
How you meet: You are in the line for the Meet&Greet for MagCon when all the sudden you are standing in front of Cameron Dallas. "Want me to sign anything, take a picture?" He smiles at you, and takes off his snapback. "Here, I want a picture with you." He says, and gently places the hat on your head. He pulls out his phone and takes a selfie of the two of you. "You are amazing." You manage to say through your shock. Cameron Dallas just took a picture with YOU, you out of every other girl in line. Your heart picks up and his genuine smile melts your beating heart. "Can I ask your name? Instagram?" He asks politely. You nod you head and reach for his phone. He places it in your hand and you search it until you find Instagram. You make him follow you and then you return his phone. "There you go." You say and wink. He smiles and nods his head slightly. You begin to reach for his hat on your head and he shakes his head. "If you keep it, I'll have an excuse to meet you again." He says. You smile and walk off. All your friends are jealous that Cameron didn't notice them, but all are happy for you.

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