what boy is right for you


4. Brenden Collins

Favourite colour; Purple.

Hair colour; light brown.

Eye colour; Blue.


Personality;  He's the school's jock. The quarterback of the football team. He's the number one guy of the school. He's usually expected to date the head cheerleader, but he doesn't feel the same way. People treat him like the king, even though he could never be more than the prince. He's funny, cute,  athletic & just plain amazing. He has a high self-esteem, but he's not cocky about it. He has lots of friends, but none that he can really trust. & that's where you come in! He's an amazing, loving, caring boyfriend. But he's also your bestfriend at the same time.

How You Met; 

One day, you decide to attend the school pep rally with a few close friends. They both have boyfriends, and then there's you. Just siting there with your friends, who are with their boyfriends, but you have your phone. You've always liked the quarterback, but was always too scared to talk to him. You wanted him to make the first move, to know that he likes you first. It's always been your dream to be with someone like him. You know you're pretty, but you have different personalities. You're the type who's always hanging out with friends at the mall, and he's always the one at the practices. 
Your watching the game, only to see that Brenden was with a bunch of his friends. Everytime the head cheerleader walked past them, with her little mini shirt, they would drool like it was the end of the word. But, Brenden didn't seem too interested. When the game ended, you decided that you wanted to go home and just relax. On your way to your car, there he comes, right behind you, and taps you on your shoulder. "Hey, did you enjoy the game?" he said. "Ya, it was good... Why are you talking to me again?" you said kind of shocked. "Cause my car is this way too and i seen you around a lot, and i'd thought that i'd be cool to get to know you... I'm Brenden, but everyone calls me Bren." he says while offering to shake your hand. You reject his handshake cause you think that this is all just a stupid joke. You would never expect him to be talking to you just for no reason. "Well, i'm _____." you say in slight sarcasm. "Nice to meet you!" he says while trying to be nice. "Yeah." you say, and keep walking to your car. "Wait. Is this a joke? Did you lose a bet or something?" you say with regret. "What?" he said with a confused face. "You never talked to me before...? I mean, why would someone like you, be talking to someone like me?" you say also with a confused face. He just smiles and hand you a small piece of paper with his number on it. 
He texts you every day. Every morning, you receive a text from him:  Good morning beautiful! (: .... He makes you so happy. One day, he finally builds up the courage to ask you out. You say yes..... 
You've been dating for 4 years now... You've been hearing stories about him proposing, but you don't really think that he was that kind of guy... One day, he invites you to watch one of his football games . You get there, only to find out that he lied to you. There was no football game. Instead, there was him, standing in the middle of the field, in a cute black tuxedo. All of a sudden, the whole foot ball team run out while holding a big banner that reads: (your name), Will you marry me? . You quickly run to the field where he is standing. You grab his face and kiss  his lips softly, but passionately. You pull away and whisper in his ear  Yes. Yes, i would love to be your wife. ... He grabs you, and kisses you once again. It starts to rain. You finally lived your dream of kissing him in the rain. 

~20 years later~

You are happily married with 2 kids. One boy, and one girl. Life could not be any better. 
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