what boy is right for you


9. Aaron (The Athlete)

How you met:
"Hurry up!" You're bestfriend yelled at you down the hall. You were in your room finishing getting ready to go to the school football game. You really didn't care for football, and you didn't think your friend did either, but her boyfriend, Adam, was on the team and she didn't want to go alone. "Yeah, just a minute." You rolled you eyes and ran down your house hallway to find your friend texting on your couch and giggling. You asumed she was texting her boyfriend. "Come on, Juliet, lets at least be on time." At te football game, you took your seats. You were just on time as the first quarter began. Your school's team was down by five at half time. You could play better than half the guys on the team. "I'm gonna go give Adam a pep talk." Your friend said. "____, You should come give the other guys on the team something to look at." She winked as you giggled, shrugged and followed her. Down at the locker room, the boys were getting watered up. Your friend walked over to Adam and started giving him a 'talk' (by kissing him A LOT). You stood there awkwardly, trying not to look at the shirtless guys around you. You raised you eyes for a moment and found them looking into the ice blue eyes of a super cute boy. He gave you a flirty smile and messed up his sweaty hair with his fingers, looking away. You practically drooled as you watched him throw a gorgeous smile to his coach who told him he did a good job. His  jersey read the number 4, you would have to watch for him. You looked over at Adam and your friend, who were still mashing faces. You began to wonder how they could be so comfortable with that PDA. When you turned around to look back at number 4, you found yourself face to face with him. His blue eyes looked at you and he smiled. "How are you liking the game so far?" You were speechless, "It's great, only it would be better if you got the rest of your team into gear." You nervously giggled. He laughed. "Well, I'll be doing better this last half." He smiled. "And why is that?" You asked, already predicting his answer. "Because now I have to impress you." He whispered into your ear and walked away. "____!" You heard your friends voice yell, "_____, what's going- ohhhh." She followed your dreamy gaze to Number 4. "Thats Aaron. He's kind of a player, whatever he said to you, I wouldn''t take it seriously." You frowned at her as your heart fell. "But anyways, we have to go! The coach said that were distracting." You laughed, "Well, at least we're motivating." You watched the rest of the game but mostly looked at Aaron. He did amazing and won the final points for the team. He sure did impress you.

First Date:
After the game, you waited for Aaron to get changed and cleaned up then exchanged numbers. You began to hang out a lot during school, though for some reason your friend didn't support you. One day Aaron texted you, 'I'll be at the old ball park Friday evening, if you wanna come, that would be cool. Bring you're glove.' You smiled, he was so confident and you loved it, of course he knew you would show up, who wouldnt, he was perfect. On Friday, you finished getting ready, grabbed your glove, and rode your bike to the old ball diamond. It was a shame no one used it anymore. You parked your bike outside (not like anyone would take that piece of junk) and walked in to find Aaron sitting in the middle of the field with a picnic spread out on a blanket. You gasped, "Are you serious?" You breathlessely asked. "Hungry?" He laughed. After eating and talking, the sun began to set. "Aaron?" You asked as he began packing up. "Yes." He shot a beautiful gaze at you." "Can I- ask you something?" "Does later work?" He grabbed his glove. You laughed and nodded, grabbing your glove as well. Ypu played catch and Aaron taught you how to pitch perfectly until it got dark. "I don't want to throw it anymore." Your said to him, barely being able to see his outline from so far away. "Aww, why?" He asked. "I dont want it to hit you in the face or anything." There was no reply. "Aaron?" Suddenly strong arms wrapped around your waist. Your jumped and spun to face him laughing hysterically you could see him now. "You have a beautiful laugh." He said. "And you have beautiful eyes." You replied. He just stared at you for a long time, scanning your face, when he pulled you close and kissed you hard. "That was impressive." You wispered  into his shoulder when you pulled away. He chuckled.
~You decide what happens next! Hope you liked!~

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