Life is nothing without you ~ a Connor Ball fanfic

Heidi is a 15 year old girl who is bullied daily and has nothing, her parents seem to not have a care in the world and the only person she can turn to is Connor. Connor is 18 and famous, that's why she can't let anyone know the only person she loves is Connor. They meet up whenever they can and Connor helps her with her issues. Heidi suffers depression, anorexia and is suicidal she doesn't want anything more than Connor. But when something devastating happens to Heidi and can't be there to help, how will she cope with life...


2. Why Bother...

So today I went to school, not because I wanted to, but because Connor asked me to. It was a hot day today, so I put my hair in a bun and tried on some grey shorts and a tie-dye t-shirt. I checked the time and I had 5 minutes to get to school, I didn't hurry though. I walked downstairs to get some food. we had none. my mum an her many boyfriends were asleep so I took two pounds from my mums purse before leaving the house, as I opened the door a moan escaped one of the men's mouths I ignored it but then he said "you get back here and ask your mother for that money" I closed the front door and took a few paces towards the drunken man lying against the wall "make me" I said challenging the man. I folded my arms, stood up straight and turned for the door. suddenly he got up and grabbed me by the neck with one hand, choking me. the other was feeling up my body. then he kissed me roughly. I pulled away and slapped him, then looked at him in disgrace before he slapped me back. I ran for the back door and managed to escape.. I figured I would skip the first lesson and go to the shop to buy food as walking in late would make me the centre of attention.

I got to school in time for the second lesson. it was P.E.

P.E was one of the most embarrassing lessons for me as my mum hadn't bought me the uniform so, I was the odd one out. I didn't want people to know about my life out of school but they all knew and that's why im bullied. I arrived at the changing rooms and mostly everyone was there. as I walked to take a seat I heard comments about me: "if you look at her legs you can see scars where she has been cutting" she is so ugly and she cant afford to buy make-up" "she is such a fat bitch" these were comments that I get everyday the last one played on my mind whilst I was waiting for the others to get changed. I kept thinking about that comment until the lesson was over.

It was lunch.

I decided to throw away the food I bought from the shop because 'im such a fat bitch'

the day went on slowly until it was finally over. I am NOT doing that again tomorrow...

I walked home slowly, thinking about what awaits me a home.

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