Life is nothing without you ~ a Connor Ball fanfic

Heidi is a 15 year old girl who is bullied daily and has nothing, her parents seem to not have a care in the world and the only person she can turn to is Connor. Connor is 18 and famous, that's why she can't let anyone know the only person she loves is Connor. They meet up whenever they can and Connor helps her with her issues. Heidi suffers depression, anorexia and is suicidal she doesn't want anything more than Connor. But when something devastating happens to Heidi and can't be there to help, how will she cope with life...


3. Welcome Home!

I entered the house slowly expecting a man to beat me for leaving the house like I did. nobody could be seen but I could hear them cursing in the garden. I tried to sneak past the kitchen window to get to the stairs but I tripped on my undone laces. it caused several people to turn around including my mum and the man from this morning. an evil smirk grew bigger on his tattooed face as he waked inside, grabbed my am and threw me outside on the grass. they were all smoking. I stood up to get away but another man punched me in the chest which winded me and caused me to fall. my mums cigarette was almost gone. I knew what was going to happen. I also knew whatever she did the men would also do.  she stood up and stumbled. "drunk bitch" I mumbled to myself, luckily nobody heard. she pushed the cigarette butt against my shoulder blade and sat back down. I had many burns from cigarettes on my body. about 8 other men copied her almost instructions and then threw me inside. I ran upstairs to my room as my eyes were filling with tears, it hurts soo bad. I peeled up the corner of the carpet in my room and pulled out my mobile. it wasn't a smartphone or anything, I only needed a phone to contact Connor. I liked Connor because he wouldn't call the police after I explained situations to him, he would just listen, and comfort me. I agreed to meet him in the woods at 8:00pm. I had almost 4 hours to wait. great...

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