Life is nothing without you ~ a Connor Ball fanfic

Heidi is a 15 year old girl who is bullied daily and has nothing, her parents seem to not have a care in the world and the only person she can turn to is Connor. Connor is 18 and famous, that's why she can't let anyone know the only person she loves is Connor. They meet up whenever they can and Connor helps her with her issues. Heidi suffers depression, anorexia and is suicidal she doesn't want anything more than Connor. But when something devastating happens to Heidi and can't be there to help, how will she cope with life...


1. Mum and Dad.

"Well, I never met my dad, my mum met him at a party and, I guess, never again. My mum has like... 11 boyfriends, they all live in my house and they are always drinking or taking drugs. I have brothers and sisters but I don't know where in the world they are. I don't have any friends and... and I'm being bullied." I said to Connor. we were sat in the woods, deep in the woods. That's one thing L like about Connor, he'll just, listen. We were sat in the tops of the trees that's where I would share my life with Connor.

It's Thursday. But I'm not at school. sometimes, I just don't go, there's no point. Connor doesn't go so I have nothing to look forward to. Ill probably just end up with a pile of homework I wont do, and a bunch of detentions.

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