"You can leave it all behind. I'm here for you! I love you and you can't see it!" "No stay away BEFORE it all happens again." (Harry)


2. You're Mine Now

All the way home I couldn't help but think about his eyes. They were piercing. Never mind that. I just hope this new son isn't a complete ass.

"Lou can you hand me the minced garlic?" "Sure." "Thank you and did you dress Doris?" "Yes. I would say he is a dapper little man, myself." "We'll see about that." "Just get the door." I say walking towards the nursery Doris is playing in. "Oh Louis." I mumble to myself seeing Doris in a superman onesie, cap included. "Louis I can't believe you put-" I yell down the hallway when I notice mom and Ken. "Oh hey..." I say my cheeks tint red from my yelling. "Honey I missed you." She says running over to me. I thought she was talking to me so "Missed you to mom." I say but instead she picks up Doris. "Who's my little man. You are. Yes mommy missed you!" I bit on my tongue as Louis rolls his eyes and walks over to me. "Hello Ken." He says shaking his hand. "Hello Louis, Schuyler." He says shaking my hand. "Hey Ken." I smile at him and he gives me a sympathetic smile. "Harold get your butt in here and meet your new family." Ken yelled out the door. I heard a grumble before a face I've seen before walked in. I gasped and my face went from a smile to a frown. "Hey" he smirked at my facial expression. "Hey man." Louis shook his hand. "And hello miss." He bowed to me and my mother basically drooled over him. "Hi" I seethed. "Dinner is ready and I'm going to my room." I say but Louis quickly grabs the back of my dress. "Haha. No." "Fine!" I fill up my plate and sit next to Louis and Doris. I had heated up his bottle and it was done cooling, now. He was chugging it, his little fingers tilting it back so high. "Slow down buddy your gonna get a tummy ache." I giggle at him and Louis and Ken smile at their brother and son. "Maybe you should actually feed him." My mother said which made Harry laugh. "I do feed him, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snacks if he gets too hungry. So I suggest you stop." "Please don't talk to your mother like that." Ken said but with the most sympathy possible. "Thank you honey." She smiled at Ken. "Now I should take away your phone for your poor manners young lady." "Ok cause that seems fair." I roll my eyes at her. "Ok so I cook dinner, change the diapers, and feed the baby. And you have the nerve to do that. Mk I see where this shit is going." I sass at her. Ken sighs heavily. "Damn just shut up, just respect your mother and stop acting like you are better than everyone else." Harry snapped but then smirked at me. "Thank you Harold." She smiled at him and he nodded to her. My eyes threatened tears. Getting up from the table grabbing Doris and going up to my room.

"When you grow up get a good job so you can move away and I can come live with you." I say while Doris plays with the hem of my shirt. My arm props up my head as I lay on my side, on my bed. The soft knock on my door diverts my eyes from him to the man at my door. "Hey sweet cheeks." He grinned. "Go away," I paused before I smirked, "Harold." His forehead creased and his jaw set. He grabbed onto my wrist and pulled me off the bed. His fingers dug into my hips and neck. "Don't ever call me Harold, Babe." "I'll do what ever the hell I want." I lean in towards his face staring him dead in the eyes. "Well frankly I don't think you could if you wanted to." "What?!" "You heard me, you're intimidated by me so I easily it just makes you want me more because you fear me." He smirked touching my nose with his. "I don't think so." I spat in his face. He dropped his hand from my neck as he wiped it off his eyes. "You don't have any respect for anyone do you? Early? Your mother? And now me. Well darling you messed with the wrong guy." His tongue ran over my neck. "St-o-op, you're my step-brother this is disgusting." I say attempting to push him off of me. "Oh honey we aren't truly related but just to make things clear. You're Mine Now." The sound of Doris's crying filled the room.

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