"You can leave it all behind. I'm here for you! I love you and you can't see it!" "No stay away BEFORE it all happens again." (Harry)


4. pizza guy

The entire 20 minutes of waiting for the pizza guy was horrid. Louis and El were making out on the sofa and Harry kept trying to make conversation. "Do you play any sports?" "Yessss" I heavily sighed dragging out the S. "Which?" "Volleyball," I paused "Is the pizza guy here yet?" "Nope." "Why?" "Maybe he ran out of gas." Harry winked at me. "Ugh get over yourself. Shouldn't you go play with your girlfriend." "I'm single baby." "Can you two shut up?" Lou asked obviously annoyed. "Nah I'm good." Harry smirked. "Um I just don't wanna here you slurp each other's mouths, sorry!" I said as the doorbell rang. "I Got It!" I cheered springing up off the couch.

"Hello. Did you order 1 cheese, 1 Hawaiian, and 2 pepperoni?" "Yes.... Charlie?!?" I asked shocked. "Oh uh Schuyler.... I didn't know you uh...." He blushed fumbling with his words. "You said you were at a family thing and couldn't make it tonight...." I pouted and frowned at the same time. "You want the truth?" "Duh." "I got an extra job so I could get you something for your birthday." "Well I think that's very sweet of you," I stood on my tippy toes leaning up and kissing his cheek, "But what time do you get off?" "Uh 30 minutes?" "Would you drive back over here? I mean if you're busy you don-" I was cut off by him kissing me. It was a passionate kiss but it wasn't a peck, it was I love you now shut up kiss. "Of course I'll be here princess." I hugged him waving goodbye. "Where's the fucking pizza?!" I hear Harry yell. "Right here you shit!" I yelled right back. Walking into the living room Louis laughed but smiled knowing why I took long.I blushed and grabbed a slice of pepperoni and a slice of Hawaiian. My friend Alex came over along with Camila. We were in an intense conversation on how birds have sex when the doorbell rang. "I got it!" I sprang towards the door to find Charlie in his grey skinny jeans and black hoodie along with black vans. "Hey princess." He said while picking me up while I wrapped my legs around his waist, my face nuzzled in his neck. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he walked into the living room holding me. I squealed when he dropped me on the blowup mattress and layed upon me. "Why is there an emo laying on her?" Harry asked. "Well I'm Charlie her boyfriend and I'm not emo, I think these tattoos and piercings look good." "Since when do you have a boyfriend?" "Since when do you care?" "Toushe." "Plus you've been my step brother for a week so neh!" I stuck my tongue out at him

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