"You can leave it all behind. I'm here for you! I love you and you can't see it!" "No stay away BEFORE it all happens again." (Harry)


3. fun

"What the heck.!" I said trying not to raise my voice. "Date tomorrow, tell any one it's me, I'll punish you. Severely." "You can't treat me like a doll." "Sure I can.... Doll" he smirked walking downstairs with me following .

"I'm sorry." "Thank you, I accept your apology. Maybe you could learn something from Harry." My mother stated. "Oh Ms. I'd be happy too." Harry smirked but it quickly changed to a simple smile when Louis looked at him.

~the next day~

"Where are you going?" Louis asked leaning against the door frame. "Uh.. To." "I'm taking her to go get snacks and some gas since she is having a get together later and her car is low." Harry said rolling up the sleeves of his mid forearm- shirt "oh I ask to come but El is coming over." "Oh maybe she can come to. The get together later then too." I said amusing myself as harry fake smiled. "That's a nice idea. C'mon give me a huh before you go." I gladly walked over to Lou and he picked me up spinning. "Hehe! Stop'l" I giggled. "Bye." He kissed the top of my head. "See ya!" I said standing on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek.

"What was that." "Huh?" "You trying. To interrupt our time together inviting his skank of a girlfriend to hang out?" "Ugh you're such a loser if you think she's a skank." "Just shut up you'll get your punishment soon enough." He mnled

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