Feels like Flying

Fifteen year old Charlotte or 'Lotty' has always been a speed freak. Everyone's said so. She's constantly being caught racing across traffic or speeding down the pavement of a hill, but the best of all, that only a few know of, is the track down the local scrap yard, where the owner has built a racing track which she and her mate Jude are constantly racing on using an old Ford.
Summers just begun and rather than having the whole seven weeks to run riot, she's stuck helping her aunt clean one of the holiday houses on the beach. Though the people who live there are hell bent on changing everything for her because they know more about her than she does.


4. Glares and Glamour

Chapter Four ~ Glares and Glamour



“So you just left her?” Liana asks in disbelieve.

“I panicked!” I say in my defence. “I haven’t come into contact with another fey in the human realm ever and suddenly there’s one standing right in front of me! I freaked! And what makes it worse is that I think she knew that she was there, and I didn’t pick up on anything.” I collapse backwards onto the plush sofa across from the desk that she’s perched behind.

“What? You think that Charlotte knew the Fey was there or the other way round?” She leans forward in concern. “Do they know who Charlotte is?”

“I think Lot’ knew that the Fey was there because she said that the house was ‘creepy’ and that she wanted to get of there and before we’d even got to the front door the fey was skipping down the hallway.”

“Charlotte sensed her coming.” She says with awe in her eyes but it’s quickly overcome with confusion. “But that’s not right; she shouldn’t feel this way around Airians.” Tired of sitting down, she stands and begins pacing around the room; her dress trailing behind her. “Marines, absolutely, but Airians? Certainly not! That’s against what she is!” She turns to me like I might have an answer but all I’m able to produce is a question.

“Liana, are you sure she’s actually half Airian? He wasn’t Marine and just really good at hiding it?”

The full force of her glare has me cringing into the sofa’s embrace; remember who she is! There’s a reason she’s the Royal Advisor.

“I saw him fly Julian, if that isn’t evidence that he was Airian, I don’t know what is.” Her sneer makes the hair stand up on my arms; a power nearly as strong as the Royal Family’s radiates from her so strong it tangible. She turns away from me and manages to look graceful as she stalks to the window overlooking the gardens behind the east wing of the palace.

Still, we should get her close to a Marine to see what her reaction is to them.” Standing, I slowly approach her afraid she’s going to suddenly turn on me if I’m too hasty.

“I suppose you’re right. Go; if anything happens to my daughter I’m blaming you.” She doesn’t turn to face me allowing me to sift out the room without another one of her glares. 

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