Feels like Flying

Fifteen year old Charlotte or 'Lotty' has always been a speed freak. Everyone's said so. She's constantly being caught racing across traffic or speeding down the pavement of a hill, but the best of all, that only a few know of, is the track down the local scrap yard, where the owner has built a racing track which she and her mate Jude are constantly racing on using an old Ford.
Summers just begun and rather than having the whole seven weeks to run riot, she's stuck helping her aunt clean one of the holiday houses on the beach. Though the people who live there are hell bent on changing everything for her because they know more about her than she does.


6. Breathless and Blue dresses

Chapter Six ~ Breathless and Bluedresses



I can barely breathe which makes focusing on sifting to where Carrie and Kai are harder than it usually is, but even when I try, an invisible weight is there in my mind stopping me. Why can’t I sift?

I have to tell Kai and Carrie, they have to know what Charlotte just did! She could be in danger!

Left with no other choice, I find myself scurrying down the stairs and out the back door to where I know both Carrie and Kai are sitting on the beach, trying to think of a way to approach Charlotte though I don’t think that’s going to be a problem now.

They’re just coming into view when I start shouting. “She’s gone! She went through the painting!”  I come to a stop in front of them and bend over, trying to catch my breath.

“Who’s gone? Charlotte?” Carrie places a concerned hand on my arm and tugs me down to sit in front of them on the sand.

Nodding, I tell her what I saw and watch both Kai’s and Carrie’s turn serious and slightly scared.

“Is the portal still there?” Kai asks as he leans forward; his voice is deep and warm. He’s what my sister Melanie would call swoon worthy- whatever that means.

“It disappeared after she was pulled through.” I shake my head; if only I’d gotten there a little earlier, I could have stopped her. “What do we do?”

Carrie takes a hold my hands and forces me to focus on her completely. “Summer, I want you to do two things for me okay?”

I nod.

“You’re going to go tell Julian what’s happened, then you’re going to go home and stay there; it just became a little too dangerous for you to be involved.” She give me a sympathetic look, knowing how much I’m enjoying being in the Human Realm.

“Sorry Summer,” Kai apologies, “if we need you, we’ll get you but-”

“It’s too dangerous for a child.” I mutter with a scowl.

He nods before jerking his head towards the other end of the beach. “Go on Kiddo, you have to tell Julian; we need to find Charlotte and fast, if something happens to her, the King is going to have our heads.”

“Why is she so important?” I ask I stand up, brushing sand from my pretty blue dress.

“What she is, it’s rare and as soon as people realise that, everyone will want her because of The War.” He tucks a lock of my hair behind my ear and smiles at me sadly. 

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