This is the guide for anyone, young or old, who can proudly claim, "I am a FANGIRL!"


1. What is a fangirl?

Oxford Dictionary Definition -


noun, informal
noun: fangirl; plural noun: fangirls; noun: fan-girl; plural noun: fan-girls
a female fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, film, music, books or science fiction. 
"your average fangirl, despite the implication of the name, is a grown-up"

Urban Dictionary Definition -

A teenage girl who is kind of obsessed with a band, book series, character, tv show, film, singer, actor etc. They are perfectly normal girls , don't necessarily look fat or ugly and most of them are cool people. There are a few who are completely crazy and scarily obsessed but most of us are just normal people who enjoy talking about our fandom and reading fanfics about the main characters. Yes, we use words such as squee alot and maybe we slightly overuse punctuation sometimes but it's fun! And we cant help it - if you fangirl over something it's actually an emotion. You just literally cant help it.
Normal Fangirl 1: OMG!!! *hyperventilates* That is officially the awesomest picture ever! Johnlock forever!!!
Normal Fangirl 2: *also hyperventilates* Agreed, that is definately THE awesomest picture. Aparfrom maybe..... Nah, Johnlock forever!!!

Crazy Obsessed Fangirl: OMG!! Thats my husband!!! I married him last week and I love him so much and I would die without him!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Normal Fangirl: Okay... But yeah he is cool!
Crazy Obsessed Fangirl: OMG you slut!!! Hands off my husband!!!! Im gonna come and murder you if you ever talk about him again!!!!!! Evil cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know hes hot thats why I married him!!!!!! Now bog off and leave me alone with my husband!!!!!


Yahoo Answers Definition -

Put me in a room with a Harry Potter actor and/or JK Rowling and you'll see what a fan girl is.


So there you have it - the definition of a fangirl according to the top google search results. But how would you describe a fangirl? Comment :) We will put any of your definitions in this movella below, with credit.

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- Mirlotta, MahoganyPumpkin and HeartTaunter



Raven711's Definition -

The definition of FANGIRL in Raven's Dictionary- a crazy, abnormally obsessed person with an addiction to a certain band, fandom, book series, actor, or similar, too many posters, bracelets, movies, books, tee-shirts, and other related merchandise. Also screams too much, rants over certain events in the fandom, cries with other FANGIRLS, and becomes emotionally attached to fictional characters. WARNING: If you tell them that the character is fictional, you may end up dead in an alley.


Rose Malfoy Weasley's Definition -

Definition of a fangirl: Me.


Bethany...'s Definition -

fangirl= a person who is willing to stand up for her fandom and make sure that noone insults it and makes very wierd quotes that noone understands


Neutral Shark Hotel's Definition -

Someone who is romantically attracted to ceiling and handheld fans.


Tilly Chase's Definition -

Someone who you make walk up to, crying with a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in hand, with a fake gravestone and flowers saying 'R.I.P. Fred' this is a fangirl with a MINOR problem. Do not approach, or say the word FICTION.


Kayla_M's Definition -











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