Make Him Fall HARD

Jade Faith is 15 years old and attends Tinbury High, where her life is a living hell, her only hiding place is her home. Jade gets bullied by the jock of the school Harry Styles and his posse. But what happens when Jade finally has had enough and the tables turn? She has to act girly and seductive to get him to fall in love with her! But what if she's in a dangerous territory and she's falling in love her self?
*read to find out*


1. First Day Back

Jade's POV


"Argh! SHUT UP!" I screamed as I pressed the snooze button I started to roll off the bed but ended up on the floor with a load THUD " shit that hurt like a bitch!" I said rubbing my elbow.

"Jay darling what fell?" My mum yelled whilst making her way to my room. When she fully opened the door and looked at my direction she burst out laughing! Like what the hell! Where Ma serious mama at!?

"Well thanks for helping me mum!" I replied sarcastically said whilst moving my hand for emphasis. "For real though can you help me up!" I said exasperated. When I finally got up I get something trickle down my tan legs. As I looked down I saw blood! Like ewwww!

I ran into the bathroom that's connected to my room. I ran to the toilet "AWWW CRAP" I whisper yelled.

"Darling did you... Start... Your thing?" My mum questioned awkwardly. That's the thing with me and my mum we are SUPER close and a strong bond, she's like my best friend, sister and mum all together! But when it comes to things like this... It just gets awkward.

"Yeahh... Mum I did and can you please make your famous pancakes! Pretty pretty please!" I had to make my voice sound desperate, cause normally my mum would give me cereal, but not when I'm on my 'thing'. I hate when it's my time of month because I get the worst cramps. EVER.

After I did my 'business' to clean up I brushed my hair and teeth. I decided to wear a casual outfit. Since it's the first day back from half term I'll wear something more outgoing not like the baggy trash I used to wear back then. I chose a sleeveless plaid shit that's buttoned up to the top, denim shorts that's a bit cut up. I decide to straiten my natural brown/ blonde hair, and wear my favourite 9FIFTY Kermit SnapBack to match it I wore my green Nike hightops. I wore some concealer to cover up some blemishes, eyeliner, and my cherry flavoured Baby Lips lip balm.

I went down the stairs to the kitchen to smell the most mouth watering scent. Freshly made pancakes! "Mmmmmm! Yummy! Five on my plate please!" I yelled getting out two plates and two sets of utensils.

"Darling stop exaggerating its only pancak-" before my mum could finish i put my hands against my ears. "Mum it's not only PANCAKES it's YOUR super fluffy chocolate chip pancakes made with love!" I said exaggerating a few words, my mum smiled at me and started eating her own pancakes, she had about two. But I munched down my five pancakes under a minute with a glass of apple juice. I grabbed my bag and walked out of the house whilst yelling a bye to my mum.

I crossed the road incase anyone from school, or even worse Harry's 'posse' to see me come out of a neighbourhood like that. First because I don't want anyone to know where I live.

My house is quite big, not to brag but I have everything you could think of, but guess what I don't even use half the stuff I own. It's not that our family's rich but my dad owns his own business and my mum owns a fashion line and I have a part time job as one of her models. I also model for Victoria Secrets.

My mum says I got both jobs because I have a 'perfect' body, but all I see is a fat pig that eats nearly everything.

I was so deep in my thoughts I didn't realise I bumped into someone. "Oh my god I'm so sorry" I said bending down to pick up all the papers and books that fell down. When I stood up straight and turned to face the person I bumped into my heart stopped beating and I gasped in shock and fear. "Please... Don't hit me I'm... I... In so sorry!" I stuttered stepping backwards still holding on to his books.

"Don't worry love, I'm not that 'beast' anymore, it's okay" he softly spoke taking a tiny step forward. I looked into his eyes all I could see was the... Truth?

"I believe you Cole. I can see you actually mean it" I spoke looking him in the eye.

"To show you that I've changed I'm not friends with Harry anymore. And every word I said is a lie, because you are not ugly or fat you are beautiful and thin. And you ain't a loser your just a flower just waiting to be blossomed to be a beautiful, independent young woman. The pleasure I got from seeing yo cry lasted for a few seconds but the guilt? I'm ashamed of myself, and the guilt is unbearable and I just... I just wanna say I'm sorry I'm really really..." Before he could continue his rant I hugged him tight.

"What was that for?" He asked confused.

"For being the first person that has ever been kind to me and for apologizing" i said whilst pulling away and wiping away the few stray tears.

"Come on let's go to school BFF!" He said with a wink. And with that we went to school side by side. So far so good.

~I decided to do this book again I will make it better... I hope! I will try to update once a week please comment if you want me to continue! Love you and keep on reading movellings!~

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