My poems

This is my personal poetry. Most of it is really depressing. *TRIGGER WARNING*


1. One

You all told me you cared

You all told me you would be there for me

Yet look when I am now

Tears in my eyes

Wanting to cry

It isn't fair

It isn't right

Unable to sleep every night

Thoughts are catching up

Doubts are being spoken

Letting you all see,

That inside I'm broken

A heart with many cracks

My soul, trapped

Unable to break free from the chains of society

Holding me back with a thread stronger than any diamond

Trying to find the words to say is like trying to describe a place you've never been


Can't you see what I put myself through

All because it's my "responsibility"

It's not right for me to always have to put you first

Leaving me second in the dust

A diamond that's lost it's gleam

A silver ring that's tarnished

A star that's slowly dying

Her time is running out

Battle scars litter her body

Left from unwon battles

Freshly open they cry their tears

Staining the floor

she's left to hide the evidence

No one ever questions

The smile that never reached her eyes

They see insecurities yet they feed it insults

"She's a disease" they say

"She should be dead" they say

"What have I done?" she says

"You were born"

They replied

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