The X-Factor

One Direction is formed into a band on the X-Factor and is going to be going threw and going to try and win X-Factor, but then this band Called Peace comes and The boys are wanting to get to know them. The gurls would like to the know the boys too but one problem three of them dont want to know them cause they know they will end up getting hurt, they dont want to risk it and also they want to practice and focus on what they need to do before they worry about the boys, But the boys wont give up. Read To Find Out ;) Hope you all Like


3. Outfits:

Hey guys I thought that since Demi said something about there outfits, that I might just show you what the gurls were wearing. So here they are:

Shiloh's Outfit:

Ignore the Socks, The Words, and The Movies.....


Sean(Shawn) Thompson:

Again Plz Ignore the movies and words. I believe that all the ones are going to have a movies, words, Purses, just ignore. I am more worried about the outfits, hairstyles, and shoes more. Thanks :)


Allie Chance:


Ashton James (Left one), Nicole Curtis (Middle one), and Mackenzie Payne. (right one)


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