The X-Factor

One Direction is formed into a band on the X-Factor and is going to be going threw and going to try and win X-Factor, but then this band Called Peace comes and The boys are wanting to get to know them. The gurls would like to the know the boys too but one problem three of them dont want to know them cause they know they will end up getting hurt, they dont want to risk it and also they want to practice and focus on what they need to do before they worry about the boys, But the boys wont give up. Read To Find Out ;) Hope you all Like


5. One Direction Is Formed:

*Shiloh's POV*

I smiled back and looked to see Louis coming our way.

"Hey mum."

"Hey sweetie im so sorry that you didnt make it."

"Its fine mum. But....."


"I actually did make it."

"How?" I asked

"Well, Shiloh you heard five boys be called."


"well, simon decided that he wanted to make us into a band."

"Omg. Louis im so proud of you." His mum said.

"Thanks mum."

"I told you you could do it." I said.

"Yah, I know."

"What is your band name called?"

"We are not sure yet we are going to figure that out tomorrow also what we are going to wear."


"Come on you two." Louis's mum said.

We walked all the way passed security, people and out to the car. Once we got there everyone got in. I sat in the back and then Louis went on the other side of the car and got in next to me. Thought he would sit upfront..... Okay?

As we started to drive off to somewhere to eat. His mum is really sweet and nice. I was looking out the window and here and there I would catch him moving closer to me. I would move away until I hit the door and I could not move any farther. He was finally next to me. Out legs touching, his arm around me, and my arm touching is side.

"I hope you do not mind." He said smiling.

"Not at all." I smiled back at him.

He leaned down and gave me a kiss like in between my cheek and lips. Like right where my Dimples are.  

We kept on driving and came up to Micdonalds. We all went inside and I offered to pay for my own food but Louis's mum wouldn't let me. She waited while we got our drinks and Louis got his mum hers and took it to her. We went and found a booth in the corner and we just talked. Louis put his arm around me and scooted closer again like in the car. I thought he was just being friendly so I just leaned on him and smiled. I bet he does not like me like that. Like im ugly and not pretty. He is cute and adorable. Why.

Louis's mum came back and with the food. She sat down infront of us and smiled.

"Lets get to know each other better." Louis said.

"Good idea." I said.

"Who starts?"

"I will, okay my name is Shiloh Leah Anderson. I am 16 years old. Im from King's Lynn. I am one of the youngest out of all 6 of us, but I am also called the 'Baby' of the group. My birthday is October 31. I love the color Like Green. I love to play guitar and sing. I have two brothers named James and Mack. I love to surf, go shopping, and I love to go horse back riding. Oh Yah also im a huge fan of Soccer. Love to play that sport."

"Well, its very nice to met you." Louis said.


"So did you move to King's Lynn or were you born there?" Louis's mum asked me.

"Yah, I was born and raised right in that town. This is actually the first time I've actually left that town."

"Really? And thats cool." She said getting up."

"Yh, I guess."

"Why you say that?" Louis asked me.

Crap I forgot he was right there.


Louis turned to me and made me turn to him.

"Please tell me." He said taking a bit of his sandwich.

I took a drink before I had to speak again.

"I hate that town."



"Shiloh if something is going on you can always tell me about it. Its better to get things out then to keep them in."

"I know. Its just Im scared to say it."

"Its okay when you are ready to tell me. Ill be here for you."

"Thanks Louis." I said hugging him.

"Its not a problem." He said hugging back.

"Come on guys we should probably get back." Louis's mum said.


I just realize that I didnt eat. I grabbed the bag and we all walked to the car. We got back in and I put the food at my feet. My stomach hurt so I was not to much hungry anyways. 

We finally got to the hotel and it was a really nice one too. We got out. I grabbed my bag and drink in one hand and started to walk inside. Louis grabbed his bag and followed behind me.

"We are on the top floor the 8th floor. okay?" Louis's mum said.

"Okay mum. We will be there in a sec you go on ahead." Louis said.


"Why you say that?"

"So we can talk."


Louis caught up to me and we walked to the elevator. We were the only ones in there so now we could apparently 'talk'

"Okay. What you want to talk about?"



"Yah you. So do you have any siblings?"

"Yah, two brothers. One named James who is 19. He is the best brother ever. Then um..... I have another one named uh..... Mack and he is 18."

"Why you stop when you said his name?"

"Um..... because."

Then the ding of the elevator went off saying we were at our floor. We got off and everything went quiet. I walked to my mum's door and knocked.

"Wait who am I staying with?" Louis asked.

"I'll Show you." I said to him.

"Hello?" My mum said.

"Hey mum we need our key for the room."

"Ah yes one sec."

"Our room?" Louis asked.

"Yah, our mum did a plan where three of my band mates are together, two are together, your mum and my mum together and we share since we know each other well. Is that okay?"

"Oh Okay and yah its fine."

"You sure."


"Here we are." My mum said handing me the keys.

"Thanks mum."

"No problem have fun kids." she said shutting the door.

Our room number was number 582. We walked in and saw this:

"Wow this is amazing." I said.

"I agree." Louis said.

We walked in and I went on the left side of the room and put my things down on the bed. Louis went to the other bed.

"So what do we do now?"

"Watch movies." I said grabbing movies out of my bag.

"Yes, then we can get to know each other."

"Yah, oh I also have popcorn and Pop."

"Your so awesome. Way to plan ahead."

"Well, thank you and your awesome too." I said smiling at him.

He smiled back and came over to me so we could pick out a movie.

  I had Paranormal Activity 1 & 2, Scream 1-3, Halloween and Children in the Corn.

"Lets what Scream."


I grabbed my laptop and charger and put it on the edge of the bed. I put the movie in. I went over to the Microwave and put in my popcorn.

"What kind you want? Sweet and Salty or Extra Butter?"

"What is your favorite kind?"

"Sweet and Salty."

"Okay. Give me that one then."


I got the two bags poped and set them on my bed.

"Louis can you get the pop?"

"Sure. What kind you want?"

"Pepsi Cherry."


He went over to the cooler bag and grabbed a pepsi cherry and Cola.

"Here you go." he said handing me the pop.



For the rest of the night we watched movies together.


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