The X-Factor

One Direction is formed into a band on the X-Factor and is going to be going threw and going to try and win X-Factor, but then this band Called Peace comes and The boys are wanting to get to know them. The gurls would like to the know the boys too but one problem three of them dont want to know them cause they know they will end up getting hurt, they dont want to risk it and also they want to practice and focus on what they need to do before they worry about the boys, But the boys wont give up. Read To Find Out ;) Hope you all Like


1. Beginning

*Shiloh's POV*

I ran around my room getting things that I need packed up. Everyone was sitting on my bed watching me or on there phones. Tonight we are leaving to go to the X-Factor. We are a group and we call ourselves: Peace. 

I was getting everything ready in my room. Like cloths and an extra pair of shoes. Oh this is what my room looks like:

After I got everything I went and sat down on my couch thing and stretched out. We have an hour till we have to go. I guess till then I'll introduce you to everyone.

Okay, My names Shiloh Anderson.


I am 16 years old. I am one of the youngest out of all 6 of us, but I am also the 'Baby' of the group. My Birthday is October 31. I have blondish- Brownish hair. I have Blue is Gray eyes. I love the color Lime Green. I love to play the Guitar and Sing. I have twos Brother who's name is James who is 19 and Then I have another one who is 18 and his name is Mack who has anger Issues and Hurts me a lot. Same with my dad, so my mum got me my own house. Since I can drive and need to get away from them. I vist a lot but most of the time no cause I usually get hurt. I actually have bruise marks on my back, my neck, and on my arms. That is why I usually wear long sleeve or try to wear a sweat or a light long sleeve shirt. I love to go shopping, Surfing and horse back riding. <3 I also love to play soccer. Well, there are somethings about me.


Sean Thompson.

(Also You say her name like Shawn but it is just spelt differently. So her name is Shawn. Just so you all know)  


She turned 17 about a month ago. Her birthday is June 9th. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. She loves the color Yellow. She loves to play the Piano. She has two younger sisters names Sarah and Rachel. She loves to go Shopping. She loves Basketball and Volleyball. 


Allie Chance


Allie is 16 years old and is the youngest one of our group but she is like the one to keep us all in hand. Weird, I know. But I hate being a grown-up. Being a little kid is better just saying anyways. She has brown hair with a little bit of Pink in it. She also has brown eyes. She loves to play the drums and sing. She has a younger sister named Alivia. Her favorite color is Purple. She loves to shop, Loves to play Tennis and to run Cross Country, and be Lazy :P Also her birthday is on August 12th.


Nicole Curtis


Nicole is 18 years old. Her birthday is February 24th. She has a big sister who pasted away in a car accident which was really sad. Her name is Jade. Jade was a great person. I miss her so much, she is like a sister to me too. She has reddish-brownish hair. She has brown eyes. She loves to play basketball and softball. She loves to be Lazy but she likes to clean when she is in the mood sometimes. Her favorite color is Orange and she loves to play the Piano.

Ashton James


Ashton has twin brothers who are younger then her. They are 6 years old. Kendall and Logan. They are so cute. Ashton has brown hair and bright green eyes. I love her eyes. I just love green eyes. I am so Jealous of her. She loves to shop, horseback ride with me, and she loves to be active a lot. She loves to play Soccer. She can play the Drums good like Allie and a little bit of Guitar. Her favorite color is Blue. Oh Yah she is 16 turning 17 in 5 days her birthday is July 15th.

Mackenzie Payne (Mack)


Mackenzie is 17 years old. She has no siblings. Her birthday is April 21st. She has Brown hair with Hazel eyes. She loves to shop and mess around. Mack and I are like the two pranksters of the group. We love to play tricks on people and scare them. She loves to play Volleyball and Run in Track. She cant really play anything but she is good at singing. Her favorite color is Red. 

And we Are Peace :)

I got a call from my mum that she was here to pick us all up and to take up to the X-Factor. Ahh Im so excited.





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