Bear is a 17 year old boy with a dark past. Mac is the 25 year old cop desperately in love with him and determined to protect him from that past. When a dangerous mobster steps into their lives, will things ever be the same?

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7. Together

(Sorry for the 2 filler chapters guys! I had to work up to this :D)

Chapter 7

It had been two weeks since Mac had rescued Bear. The physical wounds were nearly gone but the mental ones would take much longer to heal. Bear woke up to Mac getting out of the bed and pulling sweatpants over his plaid boxers. "Mac. Stay." He held out his arms and Mac smiled and kicked the sweatpants off and climbed back into the large bed and wrapped his long, muscled arms around his tiny lover. "You don't want breakfast?" His boyfriend gave him a mischevious grin, "No. I want you. I am plenty healed and I want you right now."

It wasn't often that Bear demanded sex, but when he did, Mac knew it was going to be amazing. He pressed his lips to his lover's and had dominated his mouth in short order, pressing his tongue between Bear's lips and biting at his soft lower lip. Unclothing each other wasn't necessary seeing as both of them slept naked. Bear pulled away to breathe and kissed down his muscled lover's chest and wrapped his lips around his erect member. "Holy shit Bear! I love your mouth!"

Mac had to resist the urge to thrust up into his love's mouth and contented himself with tangling his fingers into his hair. The sound of moaning and gasping filled the room for a while before Mac pulled Bear away, "Not just yet, I need more than that from you."

Bear's brown eyes were hooded with lust as he pulled Mac to him and kissed him passionately, all the love and lust he felt put into that kiss. Taking over again, Mac pushed his lover gently back onto the bed and kissed up his chest until he reached his lips and kissed him again while his hands went to work stroking and touching every senstive spot on Bear's body. The tiny boy below him mewled and moaned and the noises only spurred Mac on and made him want it more. He wrapped his hand around Bear's throbbing member and began to stroke him and kiss him at the same time. The mulitple sensations had Bear once again moaning and squirming beneath Mac's hot hands. Those same hands dug in a drawer beside the bed and pulled out a tube of lube, "You ready little bear?"

Words wouldn't come to his little love but a nod was all the answer he needed. He popped the cap of the lube and squirted some into his hand and began to pump himself, spreading it all over his leaking member. He lined himself up and slowly pushed into Bear. The feeling was euphoric for him and he slowly began to thrust in and out. At first Bear tried to resist moaning and crying out but eventually the feelings overwhelemed his mind and it was impossible to hide the pleasure he was feeling, "M-mac...Mac..more please!.."

His voice raised an octave as Mac hit his prostate and picked up the pace. Both were so worked up the sex didn't last long so when Mac finished he pulled out and held Bear in his arms, "Shower?" 

Bear grinned up at him and nodded. He knew that they would have to deal with the problem of Andrew Lombardi eventually, but right now? He didn't care.

And everything was perfect.

(So this is technically the ending but I'm going to write a little piece that tells how Mac deals with Andrew Lombardi! That will be seperate so be on the lookout for it!!! <3 Sorry the ending was crap, I'm so bad at endings! Hope you enjoyed otherwise <3)

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