Bear is a 17 year old boy with a dark past. Mac is the 25 year old cop desperately in love with him and determined to protect him from that past. When a dangerous mobster steps into their lives, will things ever be the same?

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4. Terror

(So here is part 4 for those of you reading my story! :))

Chapter 4- Bear's Perspective

Bear continued to twist his wrist until he felt some of the pressure let up. He knew that if he kept pulling his wrist would soon start to bleed but the blood may also help him slip his wrist out of his bonds. So he kept pulling and tugging until blood began to soak the ropes that bound him. Just when he thought he couldn't take the pain anymore, his wrist slid out of the rope tie. It was hard to resist shouting in glee at his triumph. The possiblity of escaping was well worth the searing pain in his bleeding wrist. He made quick work untying the rest of his bonds and using his torn shirt to clean the cum off of his chest. Dry heaves wracked his chest as he silently relived the rape again in his mind. Andrew Lombardi would pay for this. Mac would make sure of that. Mustering his courage, Bear made his way to the locked door at the top of the stairs. Of course the mobster had taken the key with him but the weary prisoner had other plans for the locked door. He focused all his remaining strength on leaning back and kicked the door right near the knob, splintering it and causing the door to swing wide open. Added to the success was the fact that the falling door had smacked the guard outside the door right in the head and rendered him unconcious. He ran down the hallway and slammed into a huge man with arms and legs the size of large tree trunks. With one hand the man grabbed Bear around the waist and began to carry him back to the room. "No! No! No! Put me down! Let me go!" Struggling only made the man grip him tighter. Terror overroad every other thought in Bear's mind as he wondered what his punishment for trying to escape would be.

Mac's Perspective

The drive back to the precinct seemed to last forever to Mac. When they finally pulled into the parking lot, he opened the door and got out of the car before Alex even had time to park. He pushed through the doors and ignoring the greetings from the other cops, headed over to his desk and pulled up the wireless tracking program. The computer dinged as he plugged in his phone number and waited for the program to run. He typed in his phone number and ran a search on the last call he had recieved. The search took a painstaking 20 minutes and just when Mac thought he couldn't wait any longer, a location popped up. One he never would have thought of. An abandoned building of some kind would have been an easy guess but instead the location appeared to be a housing area. A familiar housing area. Helena Drive, the street Mac had grown up on. It gave him chills that the mobster knew so much about him. But at the same time he shouldn't be surprised. He grabbed his gun and phone and went back out to the car to meet Alex, "726 Helena Drive. Go!" Mac barely had time to buckle his seat belt before his partner hit the gas and sped out of the parking lot. Staring out the window, Mac thought about seeing his love once again and a single tear slid down his cheek as his mind pictured what Bear had gone through, "I'm coming little Bear..."

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