Bear is a 17 year old boy with a dark past. Mac is the 25 year old cop desperately in love with him and determined to protect him from that past. When a dangerous mobster steps into their lives, will things ever be the same?

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3. Rescue?

(Sorry for the cliff hanger at the end of the last chapter!)

Chapter 3- Mac's Perspective

After searching Andrew Lombardi's usual haunts and coming up empty, Mac was near to breaking down. His heart hurt. Bear, his love, was out there somewhere in the hands of a violent mobster. Who knew what was happening to him. A trashcan in front of him was kicked into the street and he let out an angry scream to the heavens. Alex, his partner, laid a comforting hand on his shoulder, "I know you're upset man but getting angry isn't going to help us find Bear. Where else can we look? There has to be somewhere. Anywhere."

Before Mac could respond, his ringing phone caught his attention. He jerked it out of his jacket pocket and slid his finger across the screen, "Hello?" "Hello Mac. I told you I'd call at midnight and here I am, calling you. Would you like to know what I want in exchange for your little friend's life?" "You let him go Lombardi or I promise I'll bury you alive in the deepest hole I can possibly find."

The evil laugh crackled through small speakers and gave him chills. He wondered if Bear had heard that same laugh, "You think you're so scary. Keep making me angry and I'll have to teach him another lesson." Mac paled, "Another lesson? What did you do to him?!" " Oh I merely found out that he is a fine piece of ass. And really nice in bed. Do you get that from him? Have you had him?"

Mac's knuckles turned white and he whirled around and punched the brick wall behind him; splitting his knuckles open and dripping blood onto the pavement, "I swear, if you touch him again..." "You'll do what? Sit back and wish you could do something? You don't even know where he is. Now shut up Mac and let me tell you what I want you to do. You're going to go to your office, you're going to pull up my file on the computer and delete it. After that, you'll get one million dollars from the ransom fund, put it in a duffle bag and put it in the garbage can on the corner of Smith and Dayport. If you fail to do so, I'll continue to enjoy myself with your Bear until I tire of him, and then I'll kill him and dump his body somewhere nice and public."

Mac signed in resignation, "Fine. After I do this, where will he be?" "He'll be in the alley where it all began between you two." With that response, he hung up, leaving Mac completely dumbfounded. Alex waved a hand in front of his face, "What did he want?" Mac repeated what the mobster had demanded. "You don't actually plan on doing that do you? You'll go to jail Mac!" "And if I don't he will KILL Bear! I won't let that happen! I LOVE HIM!"

Alex froze, "What?" In his head, the younger man berated himself for blurting out the information but figured the cat was out of the bag now, "Okay, yes Alex, I'm gay. I've been dating Bear for about seven months now. Somehow Andrew Lombardi found out about my feelings for him and decided to exploit them. And now Bear is being tortured by that bastard and I can't think of anything to do but give into his demands to save the man I love's life."

"Mac. It doesn't bother me that you're gay. As long as you're happy, I'm happy for you. I mean, I wish you had felt comfortable enough to tell me before but that's not important now. You do realize that there is a chance we can trace the number Lombardi called from? We can find him! Let's get back to the station." He held out his hand to his partner of 2 years with a grin and gripped it tightly for a moment before letting go and running back to the car. Mac smiled, they had a chance.

(So my friend Ashley loves the story so much I decided to update AGAIN today to let her read more c: So here you go love <3)

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