Bear is a 17 year old boy with a dark past. Mac is the 25 year old cop desperately in love with him and determined to protect him from that past. When a dangerous mobster steps into their lives, will things ever be the same?

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6. Repair

(I really love writing this story :) I hope all my readers are enjoying reading the story as much as I'm enjoying writing it!!!)

Chapter 6- Bear's Perspective

Waking up in Mac's arms again was the best feeling in the world. Knowing he was safe in his lover's arms made everything in the world alright again. He couldn't wait to heal, get discharged from the hospital and have sex with Mac until the memories of his rape were pushed out of his mind. He wanted to have sex now but knew he couldn't risk busting all the stitches on his body. A nurse poked her head into the room and frowned dissaprovingly at the arrangement but the look she was given by the tiny patient stopped her from even opening her mouth. She checked his stitches and left, closing the door behind her. Bear looked up and kissed the edge of Mac's jaw, causing him to stir and open his beautiful eyes. The love in those eyes was everything Bear lived for. Everything he had fought to escape that basement for. A gentle squeeze and a kiss to the forehead quickly turned into another rough kiss, which in turn ended up in another whimper and more apologies. Neither one of them were any good at holding back and Bear knew it. It was going to be a difficult few weeks. Another nurse entered the room with the news that he could leave after signing some forms because he had only had minor surgery and they needed the space for patients going through tougher surgeries.

A few signed papers later and Alex was driving them home. When they got there, Mac refused to let him walk and carried him up to the apartment and laid him gently on the couch and kissed him. "Hungry love? Or would you rather sleep?"

Bear knew that if they went anywhere near the bedroom right now, things would get hot and heavy again, "Um..I'm actually really hungry. I never did get that seafood." 

Mac's Perspective

He wasn't surprised Bear was hungry. He hadn't eaten since lunch almost 3 days before. The hospital had given him jello but everyone knew that jello didn't fill you up. Soon the kitchen was filled with the smells of fried fish and grilled shrimp. He looked over to the couch to see his little love with his head poked over the back of the couch, smiling at him like a child on Christmas. Mac brought him a plate and sat beside him on the couch, "I'm so glad to have you back little bear. I was so scared...I thought I was going to lose the one person I loved more than anything."

"I wouldn't let that happen Mac. The reason they beat me is because I tried to escape. I used what you taught me about kicking in doors and the door fell on a guard and knocked him out but the other one caught me right before I got to the door and he said that didn't want to beat me up but that he had been told that I needed to learn a painful lesson if I tried to escape. I blacked out after the third punch so I really didn't feel the rest of them until I woke up. But boy do I feel them. That guy has a killer right hook."

"Not anymore he doesn't. I shot him. Three times. In the head, the chest and the stomach. He won't be hitting anybody ever again. I'm so proud of you for being so brave," He kissed his forehead and rested his forehead against Bear's. They were together again and he was never ever going to let him go.

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