Bear is a 17 year old boy with a dark past. Mac is the 25 year old cop desperately in love with him and determined to protect him from that past. When a dangerous mobster steps into their lives, will things ever be the same?

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2. Prisoner

(Here's part two! I've been writing a lot today! :))

Chapter 2-Bear's Perspective


The room was dark when Bear opened his eyes and all he could feel was thick rope around his wrists, anchoring him to a small cot. He vaguely remembered sitting in the apartment when someone had knocked on the door. He answered the door only to have a rag soaked in chloroform shoved over his mouth and nose. He had lost consciousness shortly afterwards. The sound of footsteps got louder and louder and finally stopped outside the door. A key was inserted into the lock and the door pushed open. A tall, thin man with thinning brown hair and cruel blue eyes stepped into the room. “Hello child. It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

Bear glared up at him as realization hit him, “You’re Andrew Lombardi. I don’t know what you’re hoping to accomplish by kidnapping me, but Mac is going to find me, and then he is going to kick your ass.” “You’re awfully calm for a kid who is tied to a bed and at my complete mercy. I think your attitude it going to have to cost you,” he moved his hands to the buttons of his shirt and began to undo them with slow, purposeful movements.

Only when his shirt was on the ground and his hands moved to his pants, did Bear realize what the mob boss had in store for him. His whimper did not go unnoticed and an evil smile spread across his captor’s lips, “Cry and scream all you like. No one is going to come save you and I actually enjoy a screamer.” Dropping his pants to the floor, the mob boss crossed the room and straddled his captive. His weight pushed down heavily on Bear’s chest and his breath became labored, "G-get of-off you son o-of a bit-bitch..."

Andrew laughed, "Oh you're fiesty. I like you. I might keep you around a while." He leaned down and kissed down Bear's neck with hot, lusty breath, " even taste good..." The ropes tied around Bear's wrists prevented him from stopping the mob boss's advances.

When his shirt and pants were torn away from his body, he really realized that there was no way he could get out of his current situation. Tears stung his eyes as he thought of Mac, the only man he had ever loved. The man who held him while he slept and wiped away his tears in the night when his nightmares came back to haunt him. The thought of this brute, his lover's enemy, being inside of him made him sick to his stomach. As he felt his boxers tear, he closed his eyes tightly and clenched his teeth, in the hopes that if he didn't think about it, he wouldn't feel it.

But he felt it.

Andrew Lombardi was not a gentle man in his business affairs and he was no different in bed. He slammed into Bear roughly and repeatedly, enjoying the pained cries of his prisoner. The large man's grunts and moans echoed around the room and seemed to only spurr him on. After what seemed like hours he pulled out, only to released his hot load all over Bear's stomach and chest. Andrew stood silently and slowly put on his clothes. When he was halfway to the door he paused and turned around, "Maybe you'll learn not to run your mouth. I'll see you later." He smiled wickedly and left the room. 

Bear laid there sobbing quietly for a short while before he composed himself and began to work at the ropes around his wrist. Twisting his wrist back and forth within the ropes hurt, but maybe if he could just get the ropes, he could get out of this hell hole. Maybe.

(Oh man, I just love leaving off at scenes like this c:  I know this scene was kinda of cruel and messed up but it goes with the story so I had to do it ;-;)

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