The day my life changed- Diary

The day my life changed.- Diary i was happyly in a relationship nothing coul change that untill he did something and it caused me to become depressed. I didnt want to be hear no more. Do i stay strong or dose he win......
to anyone who wants to end there life stay strong i did life dose get better i promise<3......


1. Where it all started

Where it all started

It all started around 2-3years ago i was seeing this 'Boy'. He would tell me he loves me. He would tell me i am his world. He would tell me i am his everything. He lied. He asked me to send him 'dirty pictures' i said no because i had heard about the Amanda Todd story. I didn’t want this to happen to me.This was the day that changed my life forever. And i mean forever. It will never be the same i don't think.

All because i wouldn’t send him the pictures that he wanted he became abusive towards me. At first he would tell me I am pathetic and worthless and no one would love me because am fat an ugly. The words may have got to me but then it started to get worse he would grab me and leave marks and scream in my face if I dint do what he said. Then the longer I stayed the more I became scared of him.

After a month of him doing this it became even worse he would hit me, throw me against walls, kick me, burn lighters against my skin and leave marks all over my body. There was so much more he would do to me. He would also tell me if I told anyone what he does to me he would kill me. So this would make me keep quiet about him.


This is based on a true story, i am 17 years old this all sarted when i was 14-15 years old.

everything that has been put in to this has happend to me. If anything like this happens too anyone they should tell someone. DON'T keep it a secret.

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