The day my life changed- Diary

The day my life changed.- Diary i was happyly in a relationship nothing coul change that untill he did something and it caused me to become depressed. I didnt want to be hear no more. Do i stay strong or dose he win......
to anyone who wants to end there life stay strong i did life dose get better i promise<3......


3. Chapter 2

Dear Diary,

Today me and Liam (him) was watching paranormal activity- it’s so scary the first time you watch it. When the film finished I had to go home for my tea. As I was putting my coat on I hurt him. I didn’t mean to I put my arm threw the sleeve of the coat and punched him in the face. I was truly sorry. I told him that I was sorry and it was a accident. He didn’t listen he just shouted at me and pinned me against the wall and left thumb marks on my wrists where he had grabbed me. I winced because it hurt. He let me go and told me he was sorry he didn’t mean for that to happen. Well it was my fault I did hit him by accident.

He walked me home that night. Got to admit I was scared of him after this. So I ran to my door when I was nearly home and he chased me as I went to shut the door he grabbed my arm. “So don’t I get a kiss goodnight beautiful” he said. Scared and holding back my tears I kisses him goodnight and shut the door behind him.

I went to my room and cried myself to sleep that night. Was this all my fault did I make him angry. Did i hurt him I told him I was sorry.

                                                Goodnight Katie


Dear Diary,

Today was just as bad he met me in the morning so we could walk to school together like we do every morning. I told him how I felt about last night. How he hurt me and I should tell someone what he did to me. That’s when I notice he didn’t love me he was abusing me. He looked me in the eyes “You tell anyone what happened last night I will hurt you”. This made me even more scared should I tell anyone or should I keep it secret.

When we got to school he wisped in my ear “tell anyone you’ll be sorry. Love you” and kissed me on my head. I walked over to my friends and tried to avoid him trough out the school day.

When it got to home time I tried to sneak out the gates so he wouldn’t notice me. “Katie wait for me” he shouted I turned to see him running to me. Walking home he would be nice with me. Ask me question so how’s your day been, what have you done today. The he said “I haven’t seen you round school much today I hope you didn’t tell anyone” I didn’t tell anyone but I know I should do. He should not be treating me like this; but I’m scared of him.

When he walked me home I just went in and to my room I couldn’t let her see the marks on my arms Liam had left me. She would ask me how I got them and I am a terrible liar.

                        Be back soon Katie


Dont be scared to tell people if  your getting abused in a relationship tell someone even if its just a friend.



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