The day my life changed- Diary

The day my life changed.- Diary i was happyly in a relationship nothing coul change that untill he did something and it caused me to become depressed. I didnt want to be hear no more. Do i stay strong or dose he win......
to anyone who wants to end there life stay strong i did life dose get better i promise<3......


2. Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

Today was amazing; I wish it never had to end. We have been together for a full year. Here we are today. And everyone told us it would never work out for us because are only young. Every relationship has its ups and down. We don’t know what love is they would say. We are two completely different people they would say. Well we have proved you all wrong and we are still together fighting going strong. He took me to the park and we had a picnic. It was so romantic. We had a little sing and dance and people would laugh at us. Anyway today he asked me if we’re going to be together for ever. I hope so. Then he got down on one knee I now were only young but I want you to have this commitment ring. I was so happy to be in this situation.  Why can’t every day be like this?


This is the last day I can remember being happy I thought life possibly couldn’t be any worse. I was in love. But all that changed. He changed my life. He made it a disaster. Was life even worth living anymore?

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