Vampire chronicles- Safe haven

recent animal attacks had been hitting a small town called Ringwould.
Humans were blood-drained dry, no sign of harm done to the bodies. Kara Montez, seems to be the only person they come to for interrogating.
Kara also has a secret crow stalking her every move, then comes along the stranger who had been invading her dreams.
Although, the stranger isn't alone, his brother enters Ringwould and more people seem to be arriving in that town, new comers, but the old townies seem to go missing one by one.


2. The crow

 Ever since the accident, eleven years ago, my memories had been erased. 

I think it had something to do with brain damage. 

Because, I don't remember a thing since I was five. Five years worth of good and bad memories, destroyed. 

Just like that. 

Along with my parents. 

Although, my brother, hadn't had any damage done to him,he doesn't even talk about my past life up till I was five. 

I was perched on a log at my parent's grave stone in a grave yard. It was a creepy place to write in a diary, I know. But I feel like if I write here, they're peering over my shoulder. Smiling or frowning as if they had been secretly sharing their advice with me the whole time. Things seemed to be changing for the better, I suppose. My brother, Andrew, had been standing behind me the whole time, with his black perfect masculine eyebrows raised, and his cherry red lips pouted out a little as if he was trying to ask me 'What am I doing?'. I know he's still coping with our parent's death, he wouldn't be going to house parties or getting alcohol or anything he could find to get his mind of the tragic accident. A sudden rush of uncomfortable wind brushed over me, making me feel strange and light headed. I gazed up at Andrew, and he hadn't been anywhere. I scanned my left and right, breathing slowly and nervously. I snap my head in the north direction as soon as I heard a black crows squawk projecting out of it's sharp, long orange bladed like beak. I closed my brown hard-back leather book tight shut, and I slowly pulled myself up again. The brown hazel oak log I sat on made me ache everywhere, some how my knees felt strange and wobbly. The crows dark black eyes followed my movements intimidatingly, as if it was trying to send me away. I tucked back a few strands  of my black straight hair behind my ear, and I stared the strange crow.  It squawked at me like a fire drill going of, making my eyes flash with alarm. I spun round quickly and hesitantly, pausing in fright as I saw a stranger smirking and mocking my stunned facial expression. 

His hair had been black, chopped up and messy as if he hadn't bothered to style it. He had a broad, muscular shaped figure, and he had been a head foot taller than me. I turn to face the crow again, only to see the crow had escaped. I turn around, noticing the stranger's figure had vanished completely. I stood there, only a few inches away from my parents grave facing away from it. I made my way to the black rusty painted grand double gates, and pushed it with effort to exit the graveyard. 

Something isn't right. 

I expected this day to be normal. I pull my phone out of my denim jeans back pocket, noticing my brother Andrew had messaged me. 

Kara, I'm sorry I left. I got a strange feeling in the graveyard, you know how they spook me out right? So I'm going to Paul's house for a while and watch some TV. 


P.S. Don't get too sleepy, you fainted last time, remember? 

I admired the fact my brother informed me where he went. Although watching television with Paul was a total lie. Because Paul had been his stoner buddy. He had a few messed up situations before as well. I walk awkwardly and uncomfortably home, back to Aunt Julie's house at that, I was practically homeless, Julie was just letting me and my brother stay at her house until we're old enough to move out. 

Something still wasn't right though.

Everything had been silent, deadly silent. 

As if some one had been planning out an ambush or something in a small quiet town called  Ringwould. It's a strange name for a town for a place for weird people. 

I think the estate agent's keep out the poor, and rough-looking people, because mostly everyone here is attractive. I'm surprised they let myself in. The town's a private, posh expensive estate with designer shops all over. I came across my aunt's house, smiling up at the typical two-floored house that had been big enough for three bedrooms. I walked upwards to the house hesitantly across the small drive way where usually the Black AMG Mercedes would rest upon. I clenched my fist softly, raising it up towards the dark burgundy painted door, hearing a familiar Squawk from behind. 

I I twirl around, dropping my diary cautiously to the ground helplessly. The crow was standing on the small, cute mail box, on top of the curvy bit. It's claws were spread out as if it was making itself comfortable at home. It's beady eyes stared at me, waiting patiently for me to scream in terror. I lowered myself down to retrieve my diary, keeping my eyes on the crow as it kept it's on me.  I backed up slowly, still staring alarmingly at the crow. I banged my back in to the door, blinking in surprise I knock on the door quickly, waiting patiently and disturbingly as I stared at the crow. After a few moments of awkward silence, Aunt Julie swung open the door, looking stunned at me. Her mousy blonde hair had been tied back, her skin blemish free and perfectly tanned, and she wore a sweet and innocent summer outfit. Her cherry, dark red lips parted slightly, her blue eyes twinkled with full of happiness. 

       "Kara! You're home, I want you to meet someone, he needs to speak to you about the events happening here, he's investigating everyone." She explained, sounding hopeful as if she thought I wouldn't have had something to do with it. 

And I hadn't.  A detective in his usual police outfit, had been holding a small notebook and a pen in each hand, jotting down everything we said. I gulped slowly, finding it extremely hard for me to swallow thin air.  

       "Hello Kara Montez, have you heard the recent animal attacks here? Another one happened yesterday evening, blood-drained completely, no sign of damage done to the body itself, any theories or...?" He flipped his notebook shut, sliding the pen through it's holding department, looking at me in interrogation mode. 

     "Animal attacks?" I started, breathing slowly in surprise. I shook my head in denial. 

      "I didn't know about them until now, I'm sorry I'm not much use to the investigation," I answer his question honestly. The detective studied my facial expression dauntingly. I found myself shaking in confusion. 

      "Stay in the house, it usually happens after dark- so please be weary then," He made his way to the door, and he let himself out freely. He nods his head as a gesture 'Good-day'. I suddenly had flash backs of the stranger's figure who I bumped into in my head, with his usual smirk glued on his face. I shifted a little.

 I avoided making a conversation with Aunt Julie, and darted up the stairs to my room. I threw on my nightwear, and jumped into bed, still feeling confused and alarmed, I pull over my double violet duvet over me and I rolled over to my side, facing my lampshade on my oak beside table. My eyelids slowly became heavy, my mind becomes blank. 


Every part of my body system soon shut itself off, and I found myself in a deep, strange dream. 


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