Vampire chronicles- Safe haven

recent animal attacks had been hitting a small town called Ringwould.
Humans were blood-drained dry, no sign of harm done to the bodies. Kara Montez, seems to be the only person they come to for interrogating.
Kara also has a secret crow stalking her every move, then comes along the stranger who had been invading her dreams.
Although, the stranger isn't alone, his brother enters Ringwould and more people seem to be arriving in that town, new comers, but the old townies seem to go missing one by one.


3. Rosen's pov

Dear diary,

For over centuries I have lived in secret. 

For over centuries I I have been feeding of human beings. 

I am the most worlds dangerous predator, and I'm writing in a diary. 

I should be out there now, making a mess of things. That is.

But there is this one girl my brother thought he could feast up on today. He claims she didn't run away, she just stood there looking startled. 

I have to know the new doppelganger soon- it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Rosen Luckhurst 


I close my small tacky journal and place it on my brown-red wooden desk among my other worn down papers, other books and my old journal's. I heard hard but soft footprints pacing slowly my way. I glanced down to my ring that had a dark red ruby rock attached to it securely. My ring is the only thing that is able to keep me from burning to death in sunlight. 

I heard a faint small cry from a woman. 

I rolled my eyes in disgust, shooting up out of my uncomfortable seat, and headed towards the huge family room. I admire my book collection that had been collected for over centuries and decades, for a moment. The books were stored untidily up against the west, south, and east direction in a high bookshelf.  The north direction still needs filling up, but there had been a grand Victorian fireplace that I also liked that had been in the way.  I feel the dark oak laminate wood flooring with my feet. 

My brother, Shane, had been in the kitchen with a blonde adult sprawled across the preparation table in silver chains. I looked, down, avoiding the disturbing sight my brother always had to do. 

         "Rosen! Glad you could make it, I'm hungry, but not too hungry to feed on this chick. Care to join me?" He asked, opening his arms as a gesture. The corners of his mouth had been dripping with dark red blood, he was acting like he had been drunk. Shane smirked wickedly towards me, hoping it was away to sink the pressure into me. I avoided looking up at the helpless blonde, as she was gasping and stammering for air, sobbing and shaking to herself. Shane smiled at me alluringly. 

         "Please brother, or do I have to tell your new 'girlfriend', that you were a ripper," He purred, moving his lips clearly and slowly. I blinked up in alarm and surprise. I sprinted quickly towards the blonde, and dismantled the chains to let her escape. 

I forgot she wasn't a vampire, and she had been limping helplessly. 

I gripped tightly on her shoulders, forcing her to look at me in the eyes. 

"You will not remember this, get a scarf on, and say you were drunk the night before and that's why you're limping," My pupils grew tall and thin as I explained a false story to her.  The blonde haired girl calmed down as I hypnotized her. 

I didn't like doing that. 

But I had to in this case.

 The blonde retrieved her hand bag, and walked out of the door as if nothing ever happened. Shane groaned disappointingly and placed his palms on the edge of the preparation table. 

"It's like you want me to talk to Kara," He shrugged, sounding surprised. Of course  I don't want him to talk to Kara, he'll ruin everything. 

He's like a most-wanted cow-boy. 

But in the vampire world, he is. 

        "No, I don't," I started, walking up to him intimidatingly. "If you lay one finger on her, more vampires will come into this town because she's a doppelganger," I raise my eyebrows, folding my arms in-the-matter-of-fact way. My brother stared at me, smiling, mocking my quest.  He walked up closer to me, face to face but only a few inches away. 

         "Don't forget I'm older than you little brother, and you had the last one," Shane grinned at me wickedly, and his brown eyes flickered at me as if he was challenging me to a competition. I gulped slowly at his request, clenching my fists slowly. 

          "Yes, but you got away in our last relationship, and she burnt the whole entire village down, because of you." I spat back, in the same sort of voice my brother does when he thinks he's better than me. Shane smirked faintly at me, and backed up slowly raising his hands in surrender. 

          "You've ruined my meal, by the way. Oh, and did I mention we'll be both attending the same school as Kara this year?" He chirped up as he remembered that important detail. He started walking backwards up to probably his bedroom, and I stood in the same spot feeling overwhelmed. 

This had happened before. 

But I'm not risking it the same way we both did before. 


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