Vampire chronicles- Safe haven

recent animal attacks had been hitting a small town called Ringwould.
Humans were blood-drained dry, no sign of harm done to the bodies. Kara Montez, seems to be the only person they come to for interrogating.
Kara also has a secret crow stalking her every move, then comes along the stranger who had been invading her dreams.
Although, the stranger isn't alone, his brother enters Ringwould and more people seem to be arriving in that town, new comers, but the old townies seem to go missing one by one.


1. Prologue

Dear diary, 

Everything is going to be okay. 

I feel it. 

I need to go back to school this year. I have to. 

I still have my brother and aunt left. 

I dared myself to go back to school and act like everything is okay. 

And I am going to. 

I will avoid groups of people. 

I will stand by my two best friends Alexis and Rosalie. 

A new start of the year, and I am planning to make it epic. 

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