Vampire chronicles- Safe haven

recent animal attacks had been hitting a small town called Ringwould.
Humans were blood-drained dry, no sign of harm done to the bodies. Kara Montez, seems to be the only person they come to for interrogating.
Kara also has a secret crow stalking her every move, then comes along the stranger who had been invading her dreams.
Although, the stranger isn't alone, his brother enters Ringwould and more people seem to be arriving in that town, new comers, but the old townies seem to go missing one by one.


4. New start




School won't be so bad. 

I'm not the sort of person whose alone all the time. I have two best friends. 

I gripped tightly on my pile of school books, and brought them up to my chest with one hand, and I put back a few strands of black hair in the other. I sighed, waiting patiently for my two best friends, Jazmine and Alex. Jazmine who was probably finishing off coating her perfectly manicured nails with a neon color nail polish. On the other hand, Alex had probably been finishing off her six-paged homework assessment. I looked around the place, scanning for my two best friends, and I noticed the two of them walking quickly towards me as they came out of the registration office. Jazmine had a short, black dress on that shows her perfectly tanned legs, stopping just above her knees, wearing a black denim jacket over the dress. Alex was wearing her usual style. 

Dark blue long-sleeved top, and black skinny jeans. 

I was wearing a tacky t-shirt and skinny jeans. 

And I looked awful compared with the two. 

           "Kara! It's great to see you this year," Jazmine went to hug me, giving me a welcome-back to a whole new year of hell school. She grinned at me as she released the hug, flashing her pure white teeth at me. Alex smiled, and tapped her throat. Jazmine glanced at Alex, and turned to face me again.  

           "She can't speak, lost her voice a few days ago," Jazmine explained plainly. Alex smiled and nodded in agreement. I smiled at her and laughed faintly, and continued walking to my first class as they followed on. 

My first class was history. 

I looked at my two best friends any time they said something each. I wasn't really focusing at the head of the hallway that had been surrounded by a flock of teenagers. We had to slightly push our way to get to our destination. I wasn't really paying attention to the girls speaking about boys either. 

I was still thinking of the crow.

I snapped out of my day dream as I bumped into someone, collapsing on to the floor along with my books and him. 

I could see from behind he had been wearing a grey t-shirt, and black jeans with Italian black boots. Casual, but cute. He turned around as he pulled himself up from the ground, and my feelings exploded some how. Brown eyes, dark and mysterious. Perfect masculine eye brows, and perfect cheek bones. I quickly got up, gathering all my school books in the process, trying to avoid his surprised gaze. 

         "I'm sorry," I breathed, panicking as he raised his eyebrow in confusion at me. I found myself breathing slowly. I felt a strange vibe come from him.

I felt as if I've known him before. He glanced up at me in horror, as if he had seen a ghost. 

         "Hello," he replied, sounding as if he hadn't spoken in ages.  

I blinked in surprise, feeling expressionless. 

         "Have we met?" I asked suddenly, chirping my voice up a bit with excitement. 

His golden-brown eyes flickered at me in alarm, as if I wasn't supposed to say anything. His cherry red lips parted slightly, making me somehow feel completely weak. 

       "No, we haven't." He swallowed after he gave his answer, sounding in pain again. His voice had been deep, charming, mysterious. It sounded like he was hiding something from everyone.  

As if he hadn't been a good person.

But that made me feel closer towards him. 

      "My name's Rosen," He greeted awkwardly, shifting a little. He was at least a head foot and a half taller than me, I had to gaze up up at him. 

      "Kara," I replied back, wondering what to say. I gulped awkwardly, finding it hard as if I hadn't swallowed air in along time. 

  Rosen spun round wondrously,  aiming for the class door I had meant to be going to. 

My best friend Alex looked startled, and completely alarmed of his presence. 

       "You need to stay away from him," 


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