The Quest

This story is about Madden Delilah West. She has been at the camp for several years; she's 16 now and arrived at Camp Half-Blood when she was 5. She's been trained ever since that fatal incident that took her guardian away from her. The whole time she's been at Camp, she has never figured out who her godly parent was. After she comes back from a quest one summer evening, there's this oh-so-spectacular kid; his name was Perseus Jackson and he had just been claimed as a son of Poseidon. And if you didn't know about the rules between the three 'big gods', the you wouldn't know that it was a big no no for either Hades, Posiedon, or Zeus to have a demigod child. When there's an awful accident at camp, it sends a few demigods on a wild adventure. ((Percy Jackson Series Fanfiction))


1. Back At Camp. Whose the new kid?

Chapter One of The Quest

Copywright- ThoseAustralianBums 



  Madden West:       


      Ah, the fresh smell of fresh pine, the sweet and welcoming sensation, the gleeful cheering and screaming! Oh, I'm so glad to be back at camp... wait...what? Cheering? Screaming? What's going on here? I quickly jog  the hill and am flabbergasted by what I see. The other camp members are watching Clarrise and some guy doing the arrow course, but Clarisse is trying to shoot poor old him with an arrow. I sigh and making my way down the hill, whistling while I walked. As I get down to the bottom of the hill, I see my very favorite camp director stalking towards my direction. "Dionysus!" I shout and jog over to him, making sure to give him a large hug. "Madden, how have you been? It's been almost a whole week!" He teases me and ruffles my hair. "Hahah, don't mess with me, I got even more dangerous." I try and look tough, but I break into another wide smile. "So, what's been going on here at the camp?" I ask and he immediately looks exhausted. "Let me tell you about the new kid...Percy Jackson..."


Percy Jackson's POV:


       "Stop, Clarrise, leave Percy alone!" Grover yells towards Clarrise LaRue, my new enemy here at the camp. Currently, Clarrise is trying to kill me or something with a bow. I've barely been here for a week and she already dislikes me, but it's okay, because she dislikes me just about as much as I dislike her. "Fine, but be ready, Jackson. I'll be back when no one else is..." She says and smiles mischievously, exiting the course along with her little friends. "Dude, I done thought she was gonna whip your tail." Grover approaches me as we walk towards the canteen together."

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