Liberty Blue (Winner of Divergent Writing Contest)

**Entry for 'Divergent Writing Competition', category 'a)'**
Beatrice Prior received the result of Abnegation on her aptitude test. And Erudite. And Dauntless. She is Divergent. Beatrice has shown a clear curiosity for all unknown things from a young age, so her choice of Erudite is apt. But what will this mean for her? In the faction of the observant and curious, how will she hide her Divergence? Can she really fit in within the faction of liberty blue?


3. The New Name

After the long drive to the Erudite compound we are shown to our rooms and left to settle in. Each room holds four initiates (we will be assigned our own individual apartments when we pass initiation), two transfers, two Erudite-born. Mrs Mathews, leader of Erudite, did explain why. Something to do with having their taught Erudite values rub off on us or something, I don't really know. I wasn’t listening. I was too busy regretting my decision. This was a stupid idea - that alone shows me I'm not fit for Erudite. If there was anywhere my Divergence would be discovered, it's here. Already I notice that everyone is far more observant than back home. They're going to find me. And when they do, they'll kill me.
"You must be Beatrice." I soft, feminine voice breaks me from my thoughts. I look across to see a skinny girl, slightly shorter than myself, with bright red hair.
"Yeah." I mumble, before my polite, Abnegation roots kick in. "I mean, yes. It's nice to meet you."
"I'm Lilith, Candor. You do realize me and you are the only girl transfers? Don't you think that sucks?" Her bluntness makes me laugh for the first time since the choosing ceremony. But I guess that's just Candor.
"Yeah, it sucks." I smile at her.
"You don't like your name much do you?" She sits down on the bunk that she has claimed and I perch next to her. What?
"How did you know?" I smirk. It's true. I've never thought my name fitted my personality. It's so light and girly!
"I noticed your body language when I said it earlier." She shrugs like this is just a normal thing. Wow, this girl is clever. "Why don't you change it?"
"What? Surely it's not that easy." I'm used to this name. And it’s the one thing that keeps me connected to my family now that we're all split so far.
"Why not? New faction, no one knows you. Go for it!" She smiles, showing her perfectly white teeth.
"I guess." I say shyly. "I don't want to change it too much though..."
"Sure. How about Bee?" She suggests. "Just shortening it."
"Bee?" I test it out. "Yeah! I like it!"
"Great!" She giggles. I think I'm going to like her.
"Wow. Today has been a weird day." I sigh, the weight of the last forty eight hours finally hitting me.
"You think?" She responds in a high pitched, sarcastic voice. We both laugh.
"Initiates!" A tall brunette man stands in the doorway to our room. "First test, Math. Fifteen minutes, in the main testing hall."
I expect a low groan of disappoint from the teens around me, but hear nothing but silence. If the people in this faction are completely okay with taking tests, I really don't belong here!

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