Liberty Blue (Winner of Divergent Writing Contest)

**Entry for 'Divergent Writing Competition', category 'a)'**
Beatrice Prior received the result of Abnegation on her aptitude test. And Erudite. And Dauntless. She is Divergent. Beatrice has shown a clear curiosity for all unknown things from a young age, so her choice of Erudite is apt. But what will this mean for her? In the faction of the observant and curious, how will she hide her Divergence? Can she really fit in within the faction of liberty blue?


1. The Mirror

**This is my entry for the first catorgory of the ‘Divergent Writing Competition’. I follow Movellas on both Instagram and Twitter (@Pikachunicorn), am subscribed on YouTube (AllTimeBlackout) and have liked the Movellas page on Facebook (Georgia Gee Oliver).**

The mirror twinkles in front of me. Of course, our Abnegation roots determine that we are to look into it on only the most important of occasions, as 'admiring oneself and taking pride in one's appearance is self-indulgent'. But, of course, yesterday was one of those rare events - my aptitude test. A simple simulation test to determine which of the five factions, that the city is split into, I best fit into to, based on my personality. This is an annual occurrence, each year testing the children who turn sixteen with the yearly period.
Although I should not be looking into the sparkling reflective glass now, my curious gets the better of me - it's such an interesting contraption, so simple, yet so extraordinary, how just the refraction of light in certain waves can provide the exact reverse of what is positioned before it. This curiosity is probably what contributed to my aptitude result of Erudite - the intelligence faction. Well, a third of my result, I mean. This situation actually demonstrates one of my other results too - Dauntless - the bravery faction. The fact I dared to creep out of bed in the middle of the night to sneak a look at the banned object shows that maybe I do express more bravery than the average Abnegation girl.
But still, that's what I am, an average Abnegation girl - selfless due to more nurture than nature, and still not quite enough - resulting in my third aptitude result. That's just it. I was an average Abnegation girl. I was, until yesterday, until suddenly, I wasn't.
I lock eyes with my counterpart in the mirror. I am not average anymore. I am- What did the women who performed my test call it? ‘Divergent’? She told me to never tell anyone that I achieved multiple aptitude results, that it was extremely dangerous. I still don't quite understand it - how cannot fitting in anywhere be dangerous for anyone other than me? I shudder at the thought of being factionless. The rejection. The poverty. The pain. No way. I can't fall from the factions. I must choose one. One of the three. Intelligent. Brave. Selfless. What am I? Divergent.

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