Liberty Blue (Winner of Divergent Writing Contest)

**Entry for 'Divergent Writing Competition', category 'a)'**
Beatrice Prior received the result of Abnegation on her aptitude test. And Erudite. And Dauntless. She is Divergent. Beatrice has shown a clear curiosity for all unknown things from a young age, so her choice of Erudite is apt. But what will this mean for her? In the faction of the observant and curious, how will she hide her Divergence? Can she really fit in within the faction of liberty blue?


4. The Investigations

My life the past two weeks has been like a montage in a movie. Test. Class. Test. Experiment. Research. Class. Test. It's been tedious, but I have to admit I've learnt more than I could've ever dreamed of back in Abnegation! And I can't help but crave more information. I'm starting to feel like I do belong here.
"What's happening?" Lilith asks a passing instructor as we head back to our rooms after being ordered to do so. I'm glad we've remained friends over initiation. She's been a real rock for me whilst dealing with being without my family.
"Mrs Matthews is seeking out Divergents. Don't worry. You're completely safe." The man says matter-of-factly. Lilith thanks him and we continue our journey. They're looking for Divergents? Oh god. They're gunna find me.
"How do you think they find out who's Divergent?" I ask, trying to sounds casual. Lilith shrugs (a common trait of hers, I've noticed).
"Probably just watching. I mean, we have the greatest minds in the city here, it wouldn't be difficult for them to pick out someone who doesn't fit in."
"Really?" I notice that the worry is evident in my tone now.
"It's okay, Bee. You're safe. If there are any Divergents here, the Erudite leaders will find them." That's exactly what I'm worried about.
Soon, half an hour has passed and Lilith and I remain on her bed studying.
"They can't keep this up for much longer, can they?" Jake, one of the boys we share with speaks up. "How many Divergents can there be in one small faction?!"
"Statistically, one in fifty people are classed as Divergent." Lilith responds mindlessly, answering his rhetorical question.
The more time passes, the more I begin to believe that I've gotten away with it, that they won't find me. The hustle and bustle we hear through our door dies down, indicating that they could've possibly finished their investigations.
Suddenly, our door swings open and a man in a sharp blue suit enters. My heart begins to pound. Oh no.
"Miss Prior," He says firmly. All eyes in the room fall to me. I stand; straightening my royal blue pencil skirt (we were all issued a blue item of clothing to ensure we are in keeping with the rest of the faction).
"Yes?" I try to mask me fear, and I'm pretty sure I succeed.
"Mrs Matthews would like to see you." He says bluntly, before directing his right hand out behind him. "This way please."
"Bee?" Lilith says my name weakly. "You're not? Please tell me it's not true?"
"Lilith, I-"
"This way, Miss." The man repeats firmly, cutting off my words. I nod and follow him from the room. Choosing Erudite was a bad idea.
They've found me.

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