Radioactive - The beginning

The world is in ruins and almost everything is radioactive. This is the world Zeia lives and thrives in.
A factionsless world with no rules, and everyday being a fight for survival.
Zeia is on her own, just like she has always been, but when she meets the survivors from Dauntless something changes and she is forced to look at the world in another way.


2. A hope in the world of radioactivity

I ran my hand through my silver hair, and a sigh escaped my pouting lips. A toxic smell filled the air; it was a mix of burned flesh, death and chemicals. The air was never clear; it always had a layer of red dust in it, like the air was on fire.

The air was warm and the temperature never under 24 degrees Celsius.

There had been no excitement for the last few days. No animals had been seen for at least a week and I knew the other groups had figured out to hunt now. That only took them about seven years to figure out.

Well, it only took them seven years to figure out what showed if the animal had been attacked by the radioactive biohazard virus, the virus Eruhai let out when the Erudite headquarter exploded. I guess they had been too smart, too greedy with their knowledge.

And now the others had figured out how to not die.


Sudden yells of excitement caught my attention and my head snapped in the directed it came from. Left, 56 degrees north. Six people, armed.  They were about a half kilometer away, but heading my way with a rapid speed.

I stood up and slung my bow over my back. As I looked at the fallen city below me, I wished to have seen it at its glory. If I concentrated I could see the young people that had made that noise.

 Six people, two girls and four guys. They ran over the roof of an old office building, using the old ruin as a field of obstacles. They were racing. For fun... the whole scenery seemed weird to me. Why would they do such a thing if they weren’t being hunted by something?

One was leading, a girl. Her blond blew behind her and her eyes shined with such… fire.  The others followed right behind her. They were all… laughing.

They carried their weapons on their backs. The guys and the dark brown haired girl had guns strapped to their legs and daggers hid under their leather jackets. The blond girl had a bow strapped to her back, a simple bow that did what it should; it was very old by the look of it.  By the look of them they were from Dauntless, except one. The blond guy, he was something else. His green eyes spoke of a person who knew things. Intelligence shined through them.


I didn’t like him from that point on. But they fascinated me, so I stared at them as they got closer and closer. They didn’t notice me, but no one really did. Not even when I acted like a hog, squatted down on the roof of the highest building, so I had a better view over the ruins, so I could look for pray. This was the ruins of the Erudite city. Why Dauntless people was here and not over in the Dauntless district bothered me.

In the corner of my eye something moved, it was a shadow below me in the building across from the one I was on top of, an animal. Its eyes were a milky white. That meant that it was a carrier of the virus and that meant it wasn’t edible. It was a deer and it was looking for sprouts. I had to kill it before someone else did and got sick.

See I could be nice…

“Look guys” the brown haired girl said and the blond girl quickly noticed the deer. She nearly tore the bow off of her back, and I had to hold back a laugh. I guess they were hungry.

She took her aim and I knew that if I didn’t stop them from killing it in the right way, they would see ugly side of the virus. Somehow they hadn’t figured the whole trick out yet and I felt an unusual need to help them.

So I took the bow off of my back and aimed for the animal. I aimed with a precision that only came with a hard life and everyday as a battle for survival.

I hit the deer right between its eyes, killing it instantly.

It was when I had six eyes boring into me, that I realized that the blond girl hadn’t aimed properly before I had already killed it. They looked straight at me and they looked shocked. Correction they stared at me and then they clapped.

“Holy crap! That was awesome” one of the guys cheered. He’s tall and handsome, with brown skin and dark eyes. His smile looked white against his bronze skin. There was a tattoo of a snake behind his ear, its tail curled around his earlobe. He had another tattoo right above the waistband of his pants, which showed as he stretched his arm out to wave at me.

How could they not be hostile towards me? And who were they? They seemed so foreign and intriguing.

I guess they thought the same thing about me… well the foreign part.

That’s when they started running towards my building, which was fine until they started to climb up the latter made of creepers. That’s where I started to freak out.

I had to get out of there. NOW!

I started to look around, but I quickly realized the fact that I only had two options; either jump off the roof or actually speak with them.

The problem with the last option was that I hadn’t spoken with anyone else in about seven years, not people my own age.  Last time it had been with a crying woman that was looking for her one year old son it had happened after Eruhai had exploded and everything was in chaos. I had promised her find her little boy, a very rare thing for me to do, and in that moment I wanted to take the pain away from the mother’s eyes.

I had found the boy, but his left leg had been trapped under a massive concrete block and an aggressive dog circling him as he screamed for help.  I killed the wolf in mere seconds and as a rush of adrenaline kicked in I got the boy out. I carried the boy all the way the way to where his mother should have been. She wasn’t there. I searched for the young woman for months, only to find out that she had been killed by the virus. She had left me with a child and a broken leg.

That’s how I got Oliver into my life, a one year old little boy with golden curls and a killer smile. He was eight now and I loved him like he was my own. And he was waiting for me at home in the cave right now. An uneasy feeling struck me and suddenly I felt a strong urge to get home.

I had to get Ollie. I had to get home!

So I took one look at them, they had just reached the roof and they shouted in excited voices. I’m pretty sure I felt a pang of regret as I slung my bow my back and sat my eyes on the building across from me and the creepers that tangled between them. One chance or Ollie would be all alone in this world.

I would not fuck this up.

So I ran towards the building with a rapid speed, while they shouted at me to stop. I didn’t listen and as soon as I jumped I knew I was going to make it. I leaped through the air and my ponytail whiplashed the bare skin on my shoulder, but I didn’t have time to register the pain as I had to grab the thick vine to not fall into my death. I had done this once before, and it had been because it was the fastest way to get back to the cave.

As I slid down the vine, it burning into my palms, tearing the skin off, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I needed to get back to Ollie. I had an uneasy feeling about this and I wanted to have him safely in my arms where I could protect him.

The vine stopped and I fell several meters, only to land on my legs. I couldn’t help but look up and see them stand on the edge of the building, so far up, looking down on me with impressed expressions.

A scream pierced the air and my heart froze.


I ran as fast I could, panic coursing through my body, but that cost me two scraped knees and a stone to the head. But I didn’t care, as I ran to the boarder of the ruins.

Where a whole building had collapsed, it had created a cave in the ruins. It was hard to get in there and very hard to see that there even was a cave. But I heard angry voices from inside and I pushed myself inside, ripping my hands even more to shreds.

Two men stood in the middle of our home, and one had Olli by the neck forcing him down on his knees.

A fire had been lit inside of me, and I was fuming of rage. Nobody touched my baby. I locked eyes with him and he immediately closed his dark blue ones. He knew what was going to happen and for once he listened to me. I didn’t want him to see me kill those two men. Both were bulky and black haired.  They were covered in tattoos and they clothes were ratty and old.

I grabbed my bow but as I locked eyes with the one holding Ollie down, as I met his violet eyes I knew he was like me, but he had to die for hurting Ollie. So before I could hesitate a second time, I aimed and I shot them. Killing them instantly, they fell but I didn’t notice anything else than the sobbing boy on the ground. I ran to him and fell to my knees in front of him as the tears streamed down my cheeks. I put my arms around him and crushed him into my chest.

“Can I open my eyes now?” I nodded while I stroked his unruly curly hair. His small arms snaked around me and beads of warm liquid soaked my black crop top.

“You’re safe now baby” I whispered while I held him close to me.  My palms soaked his t-shirt with blood stains, I really needed to bandage it.  

“Wow… what a place” a deep voice said and my head snapped in that direction. They were here, and I had been too worried of Ollie and in a moment in a motherly daze I hadn’t been on guard and they had entered my home without permission.

They had followed me.

I looked at them, my eyes stone cold but with a threatening fire inside.

As I stood up, pushing Ollie behind me and gripping my bow, aiming at them, they looked taken aback for a moment, before they all raised their hands in the air.

“I’m Uriah, who are you?” the handsome guy with the bronze skin and brown eyes asked. Something inside of me gave a pang and I felt something flutter.

“I’m Zeia and this is Oliver” I snarled baring my canines like an animal. Enter my home when my baby is here and you will get my animalistic side to see.

“We mean no harm to you or your son” he said calmly, but he didn’t have any kind of calm effect on me. And if they wanted to think Ollie was my son, let them, he practically was anyways.

“What do you want?” this time I didn’t mean to growl, but I failed.

“We want you to join us, we want to take you two to Japperjay, the city for the surviving” he sounded so trust worthy and calm. I don’t know why but I wanted to go, just to give Ollie a chance of a better life.

I looked down at my little boy and I knew that smart little guy thought the same for me as I did for him. We wanted a better life, with stability.

“We’ll go, but don’t doubt that if you ever threaten or even hurt a hair on Ollie’s head I will kill you without hesitating” I snarled, but I let my eyes soften and I stopped aiming at them. Ollie looked at them with huge wide eyes. He had never met other friendly people than me.

But even though he had lived through seven years of violence with every day being a fight for survival, he felt the same way I did. We for some weird and unbelievable reason trusted them, we trusted them to take us to a better life.

So when my little boy smiled, showing his pearly white teeth and his dimples, and took my hand I smiled with him.

“Welcome to our group” Uriah said and smiled back at us. The others seemed hesitant but friendly. Understandable since it was less than a moment ago that I had aimed at them with my bow.

We got introduced to all of them. The blond girls name was Tris, and the blond guy was her brother Caleb, he was from Erudite, but both had been from the Abnegation. The girl with the dark brown hair and dark skin was Christina. The serious guy in the back was Four, also called Tobias by a few, and he had short almost black hair and dark blue eyes. He was together with Tris, and apparently they were a very steady couple.

As I hugged Ollie tight into me as he laughed as something Uriah said, I found myself laughing with them.

For the first time in a very long time I felt like tomorrow wasn’t going to be such a struggle and that it somehow would be alright.

This was the beginning of a very long journey on the way to a better life. 

This was a hope in the world of radioactivity

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