The Draft Unknown



They say when you were born, your destiny is born with you and it is written on your forehead, metaphorically. 
And others say it is give and take; as in karma. 
 Then theories to understand the unfairness goes on and goes on, the oppression is taking over our brains and minds.
This is it, this is the latest trend so you don't only have that, you also have those who like to be defined as the victims rather than the villains as if it makes a difference; it won't fill their income of love or the lack of it anyway.
Love, loath, ego, knowledge, attention, appreciation, needing, lust, etc. Many emotions that discipline this world.
This world that I despite, This world that I hate.
I detest it ! 
why ? 
my question is why... why to everything? And for whom? 
We have not come yet to the answer, the answer to the question; what's the meaning of life? 
And I know it all or at least my perception did. It is because life has no intentions. It is meaningless.
You live then many pleasant mostly unpleasant things happen to you then you die! And then what ?
Yes, at the end everyone else dies  and their children and their grandchildren and their heirs after them. It never ends because that's the nature of cycles.
We all die and vanish, left for parasites to remember us as the their main authority for survival. The parasites who have not lived our lives nor felt our pain or stood with us while we were alive. What's the meaning of separating between those kinds anyway? 

"Mama, we all go to hell
Mama, we're all gonna die"

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